How to Accept and Receive Help with Linda Burhans

Most caregivers usually take their role out of love and with good intentions. Some of them will not ask for any assistance and may even refuse it when it is offered. It can be challenging to understand why they would choose to do it alone, rather than ask for support. In this week’s episode, Dianne A. Allen talks about how you can accept and receive help, with her special guest, Linda Burhans, CEO of Connecting Caregivers Coaching & Resources.

Part One of ‘How to Accept and Receive Help with Linda Burhans’

The opportunity of being a caregiver isn’t just for those who help their clients make and keep appointments with doctors, provide or arrange transportation and serve as a companion for their clients.

So many people make it sound so arduous, but it’s merely so much more than that. You’re either a caregiver or somebody is going to be taking care of you. If you’re caring for a child, a spouse, a parent, or anyone else, that makes you a good caregiver.

“Surround yourself with people who bring joy into your life.” – Dianne A. Allen (23:23-23:28)

Sometimes, people’s pride and not wanting to tell somebody what’s on their plate can get in the way for them to seek help. If somebody doesn’t know what you’re going through, they can’t step in and support you no matter how expert they are.

Part Two of ‘How to Accept and Receive Help with Linda Burhans’

According to a study by the University of Pittsburgh, sixty-five percent of the caregivers over the age of sixty-nine are dying before the person they’re taking care of. Because they don’t visit the doctor that much, they accompany someone to the doctor.

Sometimes, they don’t eat right because they make sure the people they’re taking care of are eating right and on time. They don’t get enough sleep because they’re too busy watching over someone get a good sleep.

“Asking for help is evidence of self-awareness and strength.” – Dianne A. Allen (32:17-32:27)

Caregivers are the ones who are genuine about helping you; they want to laugh with you and help you find solutions and ideas because there are solutions for everything. Unfortunately, some people don’t realize that they need help too. Remember that it’s okay to ask for help and receive assistance because it’s a sign of strength.

More Information About Linda Burhans

Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host, Linda Burhans is ever awed by the strength, resilience, and commitment of the caregivers she meets and seeks to remind them that they are not alone. Help is available and it is okay to accept that help. Caregivers that seek to take on everything on their own often decline in health. The most important thing she teaches is that caregivers need and deserve the time and space to take care of themselves.

Whether you read her books, or meet Linda in person, you will quickly realize that she truly lives by her mission: “To acknowledge and appreciate all caregivers as they care for those who can not care for themselves. It is my intention to empower the caregiver, ease their burdens and help them find the joy in the journey through education, comfort and support”

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