How To Bring Joy Back Into Your Life

“Joy Is Our Natural State.” — Dianne Allen (00:53-00:55)

We are made of joy. We’re meant to be joyful all the time.  Most people think that when we’re finally joyful and happy that we are in an altered state, but for me, it’s not true. If you’re not feeling joy, then you’re in an altered state. In this episode, Dianne Allen talks about the six ways to bring joy back into your life. Tune in to the full episode for all six steps that spell out “JOY FULL.”

Part One of ‘How to Bring Back Joy into Your Life’

The first step to bring back joy into your life is to discard or jettison anything that does not serve you. Jettison does not mean pushing it aside and pretending it’s not there. That’s not what it means. It means to release with intention. Jettison is like eliminating the old ways to replace it with new ones. I’ve had to discard people and situations in my life that didn’t serve me anymore. Not because I was angry or something was wrong, but because it didn’t serve where I was going. So, we have to be willing to take a stand. Take a stand on what is right for us without judgment or assigning value to somebody else’s decision or to our own.

“Let go of the things that no longer serve you.” – Dianne Allen (01:45-01:53)

If something’s not serving you, it’s time to check it. That doesn’t mean you need a jerk reaction. It doesn’t mean those things. It means you pay attention. I’ve had to jettison certain foods out of my diet that I didn’t even know were causing trouble. When I took them out of my diet, and I saw how much better I felt, I don’t even think about those foods anymore. Again, discard things that do not serve you. Sometimes those things are a belief system like the belief that you’re unworthy or you’re not good enough. Or, some women have the impression that women are all second class citizens. Some men have the belief that they’re not allowed to have a feeling or use their intuition. Those beliefs don’t serve us because they’re not valid anymore. They were never true. So, we have to be willing to jettison those things that are not helping us. It’s an ongoing process. You’re going to want to assess what you’re doing as you become aware of things. 

Omit things that bring you down and don’t bring you toward your goals. In other words, get off the couch if you say you want to be healthy, and you want to run a marathon. That’s a simple one. You have to identify the distractions if you say you want to make some kind of goal in your career, and you’re ready to act, and you have to admit the things that are distractions. You need to realize procrastination. So, I always take time to omit those things that drag me down. Whatever it is without judgment. The key here is not to judge it. Sometimes you’re going to eliminate some of your behavior. Like hitting the snooze button 500 times in the morning. Set your alarm for when you want to get up. Then get up once it rings. Give up the procrastination.

Part Two of ‘How to Bring Back Joy into Your Life’

Your heart and soul knows what is right for you. Yield to it. We forget to pause and then act. Sometimes yielding includes meditation. It might consist of taking some quiet time every day like journaling. You can also spend time in nature, so the right inspiration can come in to take you to the next step. I spend my time every day yielding in the environment with my dog. I spend time meditating every day for 10 minutes or an hour. I set time to produce the bright ideas I’m having. So, I can see how they play out. All those forms of yielding bring me joy.

Have faith. We have to have faith that the other people aren’t going to cross the line. That’s where accidents happen, right? Or that we’re not going to cross the line. Faith is about how we step into the world. When I leave my home in the morning, I have confidence that my house will be safe. I have faith that my dog will be okay. I have confidence that my trip to work will be excellent. Those are all things we have faith in to keep living. Our joy comes from the inside out. It comes from our belly like a fountain and radiates out into the world. We want to have faith in the fact that we can allow our inner beauty to radiate out. And that faith is what keeps us moving forward and what keeps awakening the joy. Imagine the joy within you is trying to emerge. It’s like a fountain. It’s like a flower trying to come up through the soil and then develop. We want to permit it. The way we give joy permission so we can feel it in our lives is to have faith in the world and in the universe.

“Don’t let anything steal your inner joy.” – Dianne Allen (06:26-06:31)

Understanding comes with a sense of peace. A sense of calmness. A sense of knowingness. And from that comes confidence. So, knowledge has many levels. We have cognitive understanding, which I consider as an intellectual concept or an idea. Then we have an agreement with our heart where we can feel another’s feelings. Or we can understand something on an emotional level. 

We also have love and laughter. Love is the ability and the willingness to allow other people to do what’s right for themselves. Love is not manipulation. Love is being willing to be with somebody, including yourself, without any agenda. It takes a lot of work because sometimes we want the best for somebody when we care about them. We try to impose what they should do that steals both of our joy. Love is about honoring, respecting, and holding that higher support without throwing agenda. Unless somebody asks for your opinion, you can ask permission to share it. Don’t give it to them. If you want the advice of somebody else, then practice asking for it.

These little sequences of six things help me remain joyful. You’ll have joy back in your life if you apply these simple steps. I want you to remember that you are amazing. You’re a rock star. I know you are. So, go out there and let your joy shine in ways that not even you can imagine.

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