How to Build Resilience

Episode 254: How To Build Resilience

We define “resilience” as the ability to come back to life and bounce back after a hardship or long periods of difficulty. It is the capacity to regain footing after getting massive blows. 


All of us have gone through these times. How we integrate and deal with those things is different for every person based on their giftedness, overexcitabilities, autobiography, sensitivities, and so many factors. 


In this episode, we talk about building more resiliency, moving forward, and evolving in a way that best serves us. 


Key point covered in this episode: 


✔️Create a life of interdependence. In a world where we are expected to do so much grinding and pushing, we are culturally adamant about receiving. Allow yourself to make that internal change and get in the position of being vulnerable, and accept help and support from others. Try it and see how you can get more of the good stuff coming into your life!


✔️Cultivate radical self-care. Check in and assess: are you deeply caring about your physical body, mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, and social connections? We must become good stewards of ourselves. Now, that doesn’t mean being selfish but consistently working on giving attention and importance to our being before we can go out and become for others.


✔️Honor the essence of all beings. This means learning how to appreciate and have reverence for who we are and what we’re about. That doesn’t mean you never make any mistakes or are expected to be perfect. Even for the people we disagree with, we can still have respect for them despite their opposing beliefs and choices.


✔️Create meaning in every situation. When we set out in the morning to create intentions for the day: we ask, “What meaning can I create?” 

This approach to life ushers hope, gratitude, and joy into our daily experiences. It nurtures the connection of the “I” to others and the greater universe to be strong, beautiful, and real. 


✔️ Give yourself permission to enjoy life. In truth, joy is our natural state of being. We expend so much energy going down the dark path of negativity. Pain and struggles are part of the great tapestry of the human experience. Yet even when things may not always be good, permit yourself to enjoy life fully in all its depth and richness. 


✔️ Gratitude helps you build character. When we’re grateful, we’re freer to give and care for others. We can have gratitude in the face of adversity or when things don’t feel good. Saying “Thank you” in your mind at every moment posies you to be more generous with your emotions, ideas, and energy. You can smile, hold the door for somebody, and tell them to have a good day. 


✔️Connect with multiple peer groups. We all are so multifaceted that it takes various people to feed our souls and emotions and help us be resilient in the world. I have peer groups for my spiritual, professional, social, and creative worlds. I have my vacation friends where I can be and relax. I am supported by many friends that meet my needs, so I’m not going to an empty well for water. 


✔️There is a growing requirement for all of us to actively and intentionally build our resilience muscles. As we develop our inner resources individually, we can be a collective beneficial presence that stands in our sovereignty as authentic, aligned beings full of integrity. We are here in this world to do just that. Let’s start by building confidence in ourselves and trusting ourselves a little bit more. 



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