How To Come Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body

Episode 232: How To Come Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body

 with Clare Maxwell


Nationally certified Somatic Educator and teacher of the Alexander Technique, Clare Maxwell teaches how to start listening to your body, knowing what feels good and getting curious about it as the path to true health.


Tune in to this episode of Someone Gets MeHow To Come Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body with Clare Maxwell ▶️


Key points covered in this episode: 


✔️ Highly sensitive and gifted people need an even more embodied grounding than most. Clare explains the benefits of her practice in these difficult times and the beauty of experiencing self-awareness and self-consciousness. 


✔️ Movement is very helpful to wake the body up. When you move your foot or your waist, it produces a sensation that feeds your brain. The simplicity of moving activates your sensory map when you move. 


✔️ Remember, your body is your ally. Whether you say, “I’m feeling really stiff right now” or “I’m feeling good!” try and catch that. It’s important to notice because whatever you think, your body is carrying it out to the best of its abilities.


✔️ Being “IN” our body is critical to our health, welfare and wellness. 

Our bodies are so multidimensional and multifaceted that all of our BEING will benefit from an embodiment practice, understanding that it is more vital than any method or technique. 


✔️ As most gifted and intelligent people tend to live in their heads, you have to realize that working your way through to achieve healing and release will require several modalities that will work perfectly for you. Talk therapy alone only takes care of about 20%, while most of our healing is non-verbal. Bringing that synergy requires movement, music, and creativity and making all these different things work together. 


Clare Maxwell is a nationally certified Somatic Educator and teacher of the Alexander Technique. She was a professional dancer and choreographer for over 30 years. She is now an internationally recognized embodiment and movement teacher and the owner of Embodied Learning Systems, which provides private and group learning as well as a supportive, non-hierarchical learning community for other embodiment teachers who want to develop a unique body of practice and build successful businesses.


Clare has created two healing movement practices, Cranial Nerve Sequencing and Mobile Body Alignment. Trauma experts tell us that we should listen to our bodies, but because they are focused on healing and not creativity, they sometimes don’t explore the full palette of colors, textures, and abilities that is available to us. Science is important, and healing is important, but so is creativity. Clare’s practices break down the skills you need to “listen to your body” nerve by nerve, organ by organ, step by step, while still making room for the capricious, unique spirit that lives within each of us.


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