How to Deal with Change and Transition with Dr. Karina Klimtchuk

“As humans, we tend to cheat as a species. We tend to change when the pain of not changing becomes greater than 

the pain of changing.”  — Dr. Karina Klimtchuk

Life transitions are a little daunting because they push us to step outside of our comfort zone and face the future with bravery. On the positive side, these transitions give us a chance to learn about our strengths and to explore what we want out of life. In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Karina Klimtchuk.


Part One of ‘How to Deal with Change and Transition’

Dr. Karina is loved and respected by colleagues and patients for consistently bringing passion and excellence to her work as an integrative physician. A well-rounded practitioner, she combines Psychology, Yoga Therapy, and Reiki with East Asian and Functional Medicine. She consistently achieves great results by addressing the mind/body connection and customizing treatments to the unique needs of each individual. 

She is a dedicated practitioner who enjoys helping children and adults address acute and chronic conditions, prevent illness, and restore balance, harmony, and wholeness in all facets of life. Her heart is in her work – Dr. Karina adheres to the highest standards of practice in delivering expertly tailored wellness programs.

Dr. Karina is currently in private practice in Los Angeles and on Faculty at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has served as Faculty and clinical training staff at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, and as Acupuncturist at Venice Family Clinic in Santa Monica, Integrative Medicine Center at the Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center in Burbank, and Being Alive in West Hollywood – a non-profit organization that provides wellness services to people living with HIV/AIDS. She studied extensively in China and Japan and co-founded a study-abroad in Japan program for acupuncturists.

Before opening her private practice, Dr. Karina taught wellness classes at Dana Hall School in Wellesley, MA, and worked extensively with psychiatric patients at Lifeworks, Inc. She regularly studies at the Jungian Institute of Los Angeles, gives workshops on various topics in health and wellness, and leads retreats. Fully committed to her personal development, Dr. Karina engages in daily self-cultivation practices, regularly attends seminars and conferences, and continually expands her resource base and offerings to serve her clients.


“Love is the opposite of fear. It’s the antidote to fear. Love is what allows us to thrive and to open up to all our experiences.” – Dr. Karina Klimtchuk


Dr. Karina explains what integrative medicine is about. It’s a new terminology related to what had to happen inside of her neurological wiring — the restructuring and incredible shifts that had to take place to accommodate what were often polar opposites, completely different paradigms, Western and Eastern philosophy, as a deductive reasoning approach versus pulling stuff out of thin air, responding to intuition and bringing it all together. She realized that she has a lot of appreciation for the complexity of it, and it perfectly mirrors the complexity of a human being. 

The only way that we can truly evolve, live fully, and ultimately heal, especially if we’re dealing with some disease process or trauma, is by addressing all of those components, seeing how they interface, and making those connections among those different realms of the physical, spiritual, the mental and emotional. If we’re not connected to others that are like us, there’s a failure to thrive on some level, depending on the amount of disconnection. Integrative medicine is saying yes to all these different areas and seeing the beautiful elegance of how they come together for our health and wellbeing.

Part Two of ‘How to Deal with Change and Transition’

Dr. Karina also answers the question about fear of change. Most of us change when we’re forced because we don’t want to experience the discomfort and vulnerability of shedding skin. We can be at the driver’s wheel of our ever-unfolding lives because change is inevitable and guaranteed. We all have blind spots, and we’re supposed to ask ourselves, “How can I possibly see everything all at once?” The more we develop our consciousness and intentional engagement of life, the more we can anticipate those changes coming intuitively and allow this greater unfolding to take place.

“Curiosity is an incredible resource and tool.” – Dr. Karina Klimtchuk


Everybody has a different journey transition. Sometimes, there might be a little bit of pain associated with going through a transformative process. Many folks are afraid of transition, of not knowing what’s on the other end or not knowing all the steps, but that’s part of the process — you’re not supposed to, and you don’t have to respond with shame. Make room for self-compassion so you can lead others on your journey of discovery.

Start having a conversation with your inner wise man or wise woman and explore what that looks like. That’s going to be different for everybody. For some people, it’s an actual conversation like those voices. It may be a very subtle sensation in the body; it may be in the form of circumstances. or events in their lives that begin to guide them for other people. That inspiration and insight come through dreams. Start tuning into the infinite possibilities of how the universe and your inner world want to communicate with you.

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