How to Declutter Your Home and Life

How to Declutter Your Home and Your Life

Host: Dianne A. Allen

Guest: Krista Lockwood


Decluttering can be daunting for gifted people, but it is doable. You don’t need to exhaust yourself. Make use of the free blocks of time in a day, and little by little, let go of things that no longer serve you in your current moment.  


Join me in this episode of Someone Gets Me ▶️ How to Declutter Your Home and Your Life with Krista Lockwood. 


Key point covered in this episode: 


✔️ Before she became a decluttering supermom, Krista literally packed her whole life’s belongings (and her young family with three kids) into suitcases when she had to make a major move from Alaska to Florida. She describes it as a “purge” that has been the most challenging and life-changing.


✔️ Everybody has different clutter thresholds of what they can manage and what inspires them. Krista has helped thousands of other moms transform chaotic homes into an abode of peace and calm with doable tips and mindset. One doesn’t have to be a full-blown minimalist to get the house, life, and kids organized.


✔️ You don’t need a better schedule, routine, or chore chart – you just really need LESS stuff. You can’t organize your way in a home that is too full. Having so much stuff around gets us frustrated, angry, or intolerant in the day-to-day, but having enough to meet our needs and desires is what prevents overwhelm. 


✔️ The whole point of decluttering is to feel better and more alive. Every item you possess requires paying attention to how it feels and always seeking to answer the question if it brings you joy moving forward.


✔️Teach kids to declutter. Are you having a difficult time teaching the little ones how to stop hoarding so much stuff and managing clutter at home? Krista teaches setting physical boundaries around their things and toys and including children in the decluttering and accumulating process.


✔️Krista shares these practical questions to guide you when organizing your things as you start your decluttering journey:


Do you still enjoy them? 

Do you remember where you got them? 

Do you remember why you had them? 

How can you make room for the things that you still love and the things that you still want? 


You don’t have to become an expert in decluttering your life. Start slowly by letting go of things that overwhelm you and making space for flow and ease to come. 


✔️We learn how to freely give away, but we also learn how to freely receive. The act of decluttering embodies a spiritual principle I teach people to keep the flow going in their lives — it’s the willingness to give up things we value to help others in need. Generosity and selflessness prepare the cheerful giver to be blessed more. 


Krista Lockwood teaches decluttering for moms who don’t want to be full-blown minimalists. She will teach you how to have enough stuff without it becoming overwhelming so that you have more bandwidth to do the things you truly need and want.


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