How to Define a Coach Vs. Mentor


“A mentor is somebody who is like a trusted guide, a counselor.” 

— Dianne A. Allen 

How important is a strong support system? How can you tell if you need help? In this week’s episode, we’re going to highlight a topic that is very timely, which is defining the difference between a coach or mentor. 


Part One of ‘How to Define a Coach Vs. Mentor’


For gifted people, visionaries, and people with overexcitabilities, sometimes, it’s very difficult to decide or even know what to ask. But let’s clarify the difference between a coach and a mentor. 


A coach is somebody who is really good at questions. A coach sees you as your own personal expert, and their role is to hold you accountable to doing what you say you’re going to do and not doing what you say you’re not going to do, so they can get you in the direction toward the goal that you state.


“When you align what you want with what you’re seeking, everybody gets amplified.” – Dianne A. Allen


Your coach doesn’t come up with your goals. They only hold you accountable to what you say you were going to do. Your coach must be someone who can ask very good discerning questions, who isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions or give you feedback on something that you may or may not want to hear. 


All humans require human connection which makes coaching even more valuable. Notice when you hire a personal trainer, you want to go to the gym more regularly because you’re meeting another person.


Part Two of ‘How to Define a Coach Vs. Mentor’


A mentor, on the other hand, is somebody who is like a trusted guide counselor, but not necessarily a therapist. A mentor is somebody who’s further along the road in life than you are, someone who’s more concerned with your overall personal development, regardless of how small or big your goals are. 


A mentor is good at holding the space for all of those things and keeping track of them with you so that something doesn’t fall by the wayside. Your mentor is somebody who has wisdom, knowledge, education, and life experience in the arenas that you are seeking assistance with. 


“If you want accountability, find a coach.” – Dianne A. Allen 


Your mentor is somebody who has wisdom, knowledge, education, and life experience in the arenas that you are seeking assistance with. A mentor is someone who helps you execute your vision so you can let your creative self show up and be everything you want to be. 


So, decide what it is you’re looking for. If you want accountability. If you want accountability plus overall personal development, find a mentor in the arena that’s important to you. If you’re thinking something’s wrong and you really need to make sure that you’re not going down the deep end or something is really a problem, find a good therapist.


Everybody has a different vibe, different way of looking at things, different skill set, and a different language base. You want to try to really listen for alignment and amplification. At the end of the day, you want someone who makes you feel better and challenged. Someone who makes you say, “They helped me see my blind spot I didn’t want to see, but I’m really glad they told me.” You get to decide what’s best for you. 


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