How to Delegate and Organize Like a Rock Star with Nicole Carver

“The beauty of managing your own business is you can delegate and create more flexibility.” 

— Dianne A. Allen (23:48-23:57)

How do you balance the demands of both your business and personal life? Carver Concierge can help lighten your load, flawlessly, and expertly perform tasks with the same level of competency and urgency you would if time was not in such short supply. In this week’s episode, we’re going to talk about how you can delegate and organize like a rock star with Nicole Carver.


Part One of ‘How to Delegate and Organize Like a Rock Star with Nicole Carver’


Nicole Carver is a Lifestyle Manager, Solution Expert, Military Spouse, Mother of 3, and CEO of Carver Concierge a boutique Personal Concierge & Lifestyle Management Agency; which provides personal, business and relocation assistance to C Suite Executives and busy professionals allowing them to focus on the things that give them joy and make them money.


Carver Concierge opened eight years ago and has expanded to include a fantastic team in Tampa, unlimited access to a concierge network around the globe, and is soon to launch in Nashville TN, allowing them to provide geographically unlimited services virtually and with heels on the ground.


“What works for one person might not be the exact fit for the other.” – Dianne A. Allen (30:00-30:03)


Growing up, we’ve watched our mothers manage everything, but life has changed a lot for many people. Now, both men and women equally play a vital role in the business world and within the household. Nevertheless, everyone wants to have quality in both. This is where Nicole’s amazing job as a lifestyle manager steps in, which takes a lot of relationship building. 


Having known her for several years, she helps people live the life they want by taking things off their plate, anything that slows them down. It varies person to person, whether it’s filling the fridge, picking up the dry cleaning, planning travel, or organizing the house. Whatever it is that they don’t want to be bothered with. It looks different for everybody.


Part Two of ‘How to Delegate and Organize Like a Rock Star with Nicole Carver’


What steps can you start taking to be more comfortable with delegating, organizing, and making the shift you need to make? Nicole is the queen of the checklist. So, the to-do list is the best place to start because that’s where you can get a clear overview of all your pending tasks and narrow down the details of what you want to accomplish.


“I think that having a connection with other like-minded people is vital to our success.” – Dianne A. Allen (38:42-38:52)


We can learn from Nicole that there’s beauty in delegating things because it creates more room for flexibility. The process has to be simple, easy, organized, realistic, and manageable. Carver Concierge recognizes that not every individual, family, or business requires the same services. You can trust and rely on Carver Concierge’s quality service and lifestyle management skills, allowing you time to focus on enjoying the life you work so hard for.


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