How to Fall in Love with Your Art Again

How to Fall in Love with Your Art Again with Paul Jeffrey Thomas



Paul Jeffrey Thomas has been composing songs from a very early age and feels uniquely integrated when inspiration gifts him with music and the chance to perform what he has written. 


Paul still feels the idealism of music having the ability to help improve the world’s social structures and the lives of people everywhere. For Paul, music is life and as important as breathing.


Join me in this episode of Someone Gets MeHow to Fall in Love with Your Art Again with Paul Jeffrey Thomas ▶️


Key points covered in this episode: 


✔️Paul put music and lyrics that speak to his soul, hoping that it speaks to many others, too. In his song, We’ll Get Home, he shares how happiness awaits on the other side when you take the courage to pursue your healing and transformation. This message is one that many of us can make use of today. 


✔️Music as a ministry. To borrow Leo Fender’s words, he said, “Musicians are emissaries of God.” Paul believes this is a sacred role in making music that touches and heals. Musicians, in a way, facilitate the gift of restoration for many who need it. 


✔️Intuition and inspiration work together in the creation process. As a singer, songwriter, and composer, Paul describes that making music does not necessarily require developing it intellectually but manifesting from what’s coming in from the soul and the heart. 


✔️Spirituality is called a “practice” for a reason. Pursuing and deepening the relationship with the sacred requires consistency. Whether it’s prayer, meditation, and breathing exercises — these all require repetition to achieve a truly spiritual life.


✔️Take the spiritual path through your creativity. Paul shares how in his journey, he opened up through self-acceptance and made more music that heals and imparts life wisdom as an artist.


Paul Jeffrey Thomas is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, lyricist, poet, and composer. He studied classical guitar and composition at Rhode Island College and jazz guitar at Berklee College of Music. Paul’s experience includes bands he formed around his original songs, appearances on Nashville television, writing for cable, and independent film. He was nominated in Japan for best score for the independent film Not Me by filmmaker Mahmoud Salimi. 


Listen to Paul’s songs here:




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