How to Find Your Authentic Power Using a Neutral Zone

“We’re all looking to have our own inner power show up in a way that’s productive and successful.” — Dianne A. Allen (00:38-00:45)

Are you someone who works a lot with visionary leaders all over the place, whether young and old? The big thing that comes up all the time is authenticity. More than that, it’s the authentic power that they’re looking for. Aren’t we all looking to have our own inner power show up in a way that’s productive, successful, makes us feel alive and happy?

Authentic power is not about ego, control or fear. It’s about living who you are, your core self, and allowing that core to show up in the world. In a magnificent way. In this week’s episode, Dianne A. Allen talks about finding your authentic power using a neutral zone.

Part One of ‘How to Find Your Authentic Power Using A Neutral Zone’

Authenticity is how you treat yourself when no one’s looking. When you pretend, that’s not our authenticity. That’s pretending. Sadly we live in a culture that teaches us to put on multiple masks all the time. We’re whoever somebody around us wants us to be.

Perhaps that worked years ago, a little bit, but it doesn’t work anymore. It causes much too much inner pain and turmoil. If you’re out of alignment with who you are authentically, then people get an entirely different viewpoint of who you are.

“It’s impossible to change our core, authentic, real self.” – Dianne A. Allen (02:32-02:35)

You are perfect just the way you are. Any mistake that you’ve made, any upset you’ve caused, anything that’s happened to us may have created veils and disconnect. It’s impossible to change our core, authentic, real self. That’s why people who’ve been through adversity can come out brighter. They’re trying to save their lives.

Go deep within and connect to that authentic power to show up, and stay alive. Many people have been suffering from addiction over the years, and that’s that story you can stop using, but you have to go deep within if you want to feel alive. You can use a neutral zone time to connect to and live from your authentic power.

Part Two of ‘How to Find Your Authentic Power Using A Neutral Zone’

You must have a protected and dedicated time for yourself every day. That means that you have it scheduled. You know when your time for you is, and you protect it, meaning you don’t overbook it. You don’t schedule anything on top of it and you don’t allow yourself to be disturbed. We live in a society that says if your phone rings or you get a text, you have to answer it right away. That’s why there are all the laws now about distracted driving.

We want to start to release the addiction to holding on to that external stimulus and have protected dedicated time for ourselves. Some people do that in meditation. Some people are walking in nature. Some people might do that because they’re taking quiet time. By protecting and dedicating the time you are honoring yourself.

If you’re not honoring yourself first, it’s impossible to do it for anyone else. It’s just not possible. So, honor yourself first. Put it on your calendar. Treat yourself as someone who’s important enough, valuable enough, and love yourself enough.

Write down your thoughts, especially the ones that make no sense. Some of those things make no sense to start. Over time, your brain starts picking up information. Your soul, your intuition, your emotions, all of your being when it’s quiet is giving you information that’s valuable and vital for your life.

Even if you don’t always see it. So, write it all down, whether it makes sense or not, and keep a log. You can go back and look at it or not share it with someone or not. That’s not the point. The point is honoring yourself by documenting the fantastic ideas that come to you.

Take this time to write something creative about your life, like your memoirs or maybe your autobiography. If your life is worth living, it is worth recording. It is worth honoring your journey in your path.

“The more you step into your power with safe people, the better your life becomes.” – Dianne A. Allen (28:00-28:05)

As you are growing and you are evolving, the things you want will shift. Be aware of the fact that sometimes it changes, and it’s okay. Reserve the right to change your mind. And at the same time, keep your eyes on what you say you want because otherwise, you’re going to get distracted.

Otherwise, you’re going to lose it and you’re not going to get there. Because if you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there? How will you know when you have success? How will you know when you have joy? How will you know when you are experiencing a fulfilling relationship with yourself?

How will you know when you’re able to share that with another? And that’s a question that must be discerned within you. That’s your authentic power. That is why we need neutral zones to get away from the distraction.

We want to be successful; we want to have a beautiful life. Nobody wakes up every morning and says, let me see how I can feel rotten today. If we don’t know our criteria and our evidence that we need, it’s impossible to go for the goal. It’s impossible to know what action to take or who to talk to or what to do. Think of what would be unlived if today was your last day on earth. What would be unlived?

Don’t allow yourself to have your heart’s desire and that authentic inner part of you so closed up in there and a secret that is eating away at you, and it’s not coming out into the world. I believe that we all come to this world to bring whatever our unique special, the perfect gift is. How are you using your voice for the highest and best good of all?

If you’re feeling stuck, if you’re feeling irritated, if you’re feeling frustrated, if you’re feeling like your life is on pause, and you can’t get it going, those are all signs that it’s time to connect to that authentic power and see what it’s telling you. Decide what next steps to take.

You need to know another person on the journey with you who is a trusted other person to support you. All humans require connection to other human beings. None of this is meant to be kept secret or alone. It’s intended to bring people together.

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