How To Go From Grumpy To Grateful with Kim Angeli


“Gratitude is a habit. Being grateful is a habit.”  — Kim Angeli

Gratitude mindset is something that doesn’t happen overnight. You don’t plant something today and harvest it tomorrow. You need to nurture them, water them, and let them grow. It’s the same thing as a business owner. It’s important to nurture your clients. In this episode, we are joined by Kim Angeli, a unique entrepreneur with a diverse background.


Part One of ‘How to Go From Grumpy to Grateful with Kim Angeli’


Kim Angeli is known globally as the creator of The Grateful Box and Nextdoor Business Expert. She is passionate about teaching business owners how to WOW clients, increase revenue, and inspire referrals. She began her career after graduating from East Carolina University with Campbell Soup Sales, transitioned to technology, helping Sprint bring the first digital mobile phone to the world and her final Corporate America job at Cisco Systems. 


After finding herself in the “dot com bust,” she started her insurance agency from scratch 11 days after 9/11. After 15 years of owning, growing, and merging insurance agencies under her practice, she sold that practice and took the leap into inspiring grateful living around the world. 


Kim has been featured in Business News Daily, Reminder Media Stay Paid Podcast, and is a sought-after keynote speaker on her programs, including An Attitude of Gratitude in the Workplace, how to take a grumpy client to grateful, and giving business owners strategies to WOW clients. When she is not speaking and teaching, you will find her traveling with her husband, daughter, and black lab. She is also an avid boater, reader, and spa junkie. You will also find her hanging out with her Rotary Family around the world, serving others.


“Choose grateful over grumpy now, because you’ll reap the reward years from now, making the choice today.” – Kim Angeli


Kim Angeli talks about her transformation from being stuck in a “grumpy mood” into a “servant leadership” gratitude. If you want to see results and be a better person, you have to decide and be open-minded. Start replacing your negative thoughts, fear, and anger. Gratitude is something that must be part of our habits, that even if we don’t agree with someone, we’re going to meet them with grace and say, “Your opinion of me is not my business.” Her fearless leader, God himself, said, “You’re going to do less, be more intentional, be more mindful, you’re going to make more money, and have a better life.”


Part Two of ‘How to Go From Grumpy to Grateful with Kim Angeli’


You can’t hang out with fear, worry, and Gratitude at the same time; they’re not friends. Don’t let the negativities hang out with you even during disruptions. Drop the things that don’t serve your purpose and pick up something that helps you see the beauty in this world. Make a choice today to live a life full of Gratitude instead of being grumpy all the time, and you will reap the reward years from now, that’s guaranteed. You don’t want to be full of regrets in the future and trying to pretend like you’re catching up.


“Consistent gratitude is cumulative.” – Kim Angeli


Write down the things you are grateful for right now. Show gratitude to grumpy people, show gratitude to your old clients, and show appreciation to your new ones — this is where your revenue and referrals will come from. Remember, you can’t suppress a negative thought; it’s something that needs to be replaced. Come up with a phrase or something that makes you joyful, or find your happy place as they call it. We have to redirect our focus on what’s going well, which will help bring you back to the gratitude state. Practice gratitude every day and make it your goal to create a ripple effect around you.


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