How to Make an Impact and Transform Your Life

How to Make An Impact and Transform Your Life with Joe Green


Do you find yourself excited waking up in the mornings? 

Do you feel challenged and growing daily? 

Do you feel ready to become more?


If your answer is NO to the following, maybe it’s time for something new. Remember, being too comfortable is the most dangerous place to be in.


In this episode, glean lessons from the story of US Air Force veteran Joe Green who took the plunge and started a business helping people take charge of their transformation. He shifted to build a plant-based nutrition and life coaching business for 20 years. He again embarks on a new challenge stepping into his intuition, vision and faith to reach more people and places to serve.


Join me in this episode of Someone Gets Me How to Make An Impact and Transform Your Life with Joe Green ▶️


Key points covered in this episode: 


✔️Joe shares his unique perspective coming from a military background and going into entrepreneurship. He describes how he applied the discipline he acquired in the up and down world of starting a business, the difference between positional and relational leadership and the importance of intuition.


✔️ Working with over 10,000 clients to get healthier and attain their life’s purpose, Joe witnessed how the fear of success always held people back from achieving the transformation they truly desired. “People are afraid of pushing themselves because they failed so many other times in life. They feel another failure is just waiting to happen.


✔️ If you find yourself going in the wrong trajectory of what you envision your life to be, then you need to change where you are and redirect where you’re going. 


✔️Do you find yourself often procrastinating on certain things? It’s because you don’t appreciate what you hope to achieve after you’re supposed to get it done. Change your view and see from a new perspective. It will compel you to go through the process required, no matter how mundane or boring it can be.  


✔️The story that we create and attach to a negative or bad experience is where the power lies for whatever the outcome is. The tough times will always be used for the good and help somebody somewhere somehow. The hard things offer us that grist for something greater. 


Joe Green is a US Air Force Veteran, father of 4, married and now a serial entrepreneur. He has been a plant-based nutritionist and life coach for 20 years. Joe worked with over 10,000 clients helping them detox, lose weight and regain the focus on their life’s purpose.


He now focuses on his real estate investments and helps his clients start automated online businesses.


Get to know more about Joe on his website:



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