How to Overcome Overwhelm and Mental Limitations

Episode 193: How to Overcome Overwhelm and Mental Limitations with Jason Forrest

What would it mean for you when you reach ALL your goals? What are the bigger OUTCOMES that your heart truly desires? What’s keeping you STUCK and OVERWHELMED and stops you from accomplishing your real PURPOSE? 


We will help you answer these crucial questions in this new episode of Someone Gets Me. Dianne A. Allen hosts another power-packed conversation with behavioral change expert and award-winning sales motivational speaker Jason Forrest. 


Deep dive into the important lessons for you to finally drop those limitations instead of buying into the subconscious rules that restrict massive growth to happen in your life and business. 


Key points covered in How to Overcome Overwhelm and Mental Limitations: 


  • Growing up in a home where both parents are big on personal development training, Jason Forrest learned, adapted, and applied passed on philosophies that made his life better at an earlier age. He made it his purpose to understand and help many others who have the opposite circumstance and greatly struggle to be successful, to be rich, and accomplish life goals.  


  •  People who procrastinate fail to answer the WHY that outweighs the sacrifice required in achieving their dreams. Get clear on your goals and the outcomes you desire. A goal can be “buying a new house.” Compared to thinking of the result: “I want a more stable environment for my family.” 


  • Learn to identify your “leash” — what sort of story, self-image, reluctance, or rules prevent you from taking action? You can’t grow if you cannot free yourself from the bondage of specific things you don’t even realize you’re in bondage to. 


  • Assess hidden, buried, or suppressed thoughts and emotions and the new things arising in you. Identify what’s good and what’s bad about it and go through that process to allow yourself to grow, and something beautiful may be trying to emerge.


  • Dig deep into Jason’s latest book, “The Mindset of a Sales Warrior,” where he teaches proven strategies to overcome mental issues, the negative stories, and reluctance due to self-imposed rules. 


  • Practice the exercise of identifying the quality of your life by the number of rules that you have. Access a free download of the app “Wheel of Life” and see plenty of other free PDFs; access your areas of happiness regarding health, family, financials, faith, and all the different things. 


  • Know that there is hope for you to get unstuck. It’s time to stop sitting there fretting how to get even the first little tiny bit of momentum going in your life. Raise your hand and ask for help.


  • Even as a successful entrepreneur and a million-dollar professional speaker, understand why Jason spends 30 percent of his annual income on personal development every year. 


  • Accountability is so critical for your success. Find somebody who will walk the path with you. People get into that trap of thinking, “I have to do it alone” and “I can figure it out myself.” Understand that you can’t read a label from inside the jar. You have got to have another human being engaged with you on some level to support the growth from which point you are starting. 


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