How to Prevent Burnout with Spencer Burnett

Episode 197: How to Prevent Burnout with Spencer Burnett


Are you overwhelmed by all the different elements of life? Like many gifted people, do you experience high highs and then the depths of the lows where your entire world is crashing, and it seems like you’re never going to get out of it?


In this value-packed episode of Someone Gets Me, Dianne A. Allen sits in with lifestyle and performance coach Spencer Burnett to talk about managing energy and achieving simple ways of rewiring the mind to achieve clarity and focus for visionaries, entrepreneurs, and serial creators. 


Essential points covered in “How to Prevent Burnout”: 


✔️ Overwhelmed, feeling late, feeling behind, feeling like there are a thousand things to do and only time to do three? These are results of a poor relationship with time which then causes your integrity to be off.


✔️ When you build a better relationship with time and commitment, it becomes much easier for you to maintain your integrity, which is how you behave and why you execute as intended. 


✔️ Understand why your day becomes a series of mini failures of where you didn’t take action precisely the way you intended to, and that starts weighing on you emotionally—plan for the expected, not for the ideal.


✔️ Anticipate your distractions, the external and mostly the internal.


✔️ If you desire to create something, remember that the mind is thinking of duration, path, and outcome. Until you answer those three questions, the brain will continue to obsess about it until it gets an answer to those things. 


✔️ The lack of building that self-trust prevents you from taking action and figuring out the next step. 


✔️ Learn how to start with the outcome and then reverse-engineer the path to your big, hairy, audacious goals. Creating your mini visions leads you to achieve completing goals and overcoming overwhelm.


✔️ Why “void language” puts you at a standstill and leaves you stuck. 


✔️ Know how to interact with your monsters or demons or dark forces. As you journey down the road of life, consider them as turning signals and not blocks. 


✔️ When you can truly surrender to death, you can surrender to any outcome. In the end, you see what matters and what isn’t worth stressing over. Discernment becomes clearer when you think you have your toes up to that line. 


Spencer Burnett is a high-performance mind mechanic who specializes in helping entrepreneurs rewire their mindset. He helps them align their actions to support their goals and vision through mindset strategy, organization, and spiritual enlightenment. He has been an entrepreneur and coach for the past 21 years across multiple industries. 



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