How To Thrive During Change with Sarah Wong

How to Thrive During Change with Sarah Wong

Changes in life are necessary.


Whether it’s a career shift, building or ending relationships, raising a family, or experiencing a tragedy, changes are part of being human. However, most of the time, these changes are tough to adjust to. 


Prepared to cope with such changes, some of us find ourselves stuck in a ‘fight or flight’ or ‘fear and freeze’ reaction. Whether or not the changing experience was wanted, predicted, or unforeseen, there is no doubt that transitioning to a different set of circumstances is difficult. It takes physical and mental resources to adjust to change and reach a new balance point.


Moreover, many people staked their claim of how they hate change, do stuff the hard way and make their lives hard by staking that claim. 


So how do we thrive during change?


In this episode of Someone Gets Me, we’re joined by a young, fresh, vibrant, and full of life, Sarah Wong. You’ll be excited to listen to Sarah because she is an expert and passionate about thriving through change. 


Key takeaways covered in the episode:


  • Know how to take back the ownership of your life, take power back into your own hands, and start to make decisions for yourself.


  • Succeed in remembering that the real transformation is when we’re disconnected. A metamorphosis is more than a change. It’s a complete evolution to an entirely different form.


  • Take into advisement that if you start in the physical realm to take care of yourself, it’s a long way. Instead, burn the candle at both ends. Address the physical and address the spiritual and the mental-emotional in the middle so that you’ll get faster results and freedom.


  • Do not lose sight that intense, crazy, horrifying traumas are required for people to wake up. But in the end, people who go through those darkest times are the ones whose lights come out much brighter.


  • Self-care is still and always will be the key. Self-care and taking care of ourselves, and loving ourselves is different from selfishness. That love for yourself is where the power comes; that’s where life comes.


  • Learn about Sarah Wong’s Metamorphosis 101 program and the eleven-factor model she used when working with people to get to the root of their problem and help them solve that. 


About Sarah Wong: 


Sarah Wong is a dedicated Career Advisor, mindfulness practitioner, and the owner of Metamorphosis 101. She aims to share the value of self-empowerment, embracing the power of transformation and discovery through healing in all aspects of her work.  


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