Joyful Productivity and More – An Interview with George Kao, Authentic Business Coach


Someone Gets Me podcast is a place for smart, gifted, talented and sensitive people who are searching to be understood in life and business. In this episode, I have a lively and interesting with George Kao, authentic business coach. We talk about many interesting topics including, authentic business success, being joyfully productive, overthinking and resources to enhance your satisfaction and success.

George Kao is a marketing advisor to individual entrepreneurs who want to create and grow their business from their heart, with high integrity and authenticity.  He is the author of 2 books: Authentic Content Marketing: Build An Engaged Audience For Your Personal Brand Through Integrity & Generosity and Joyful Productivity: A Solopreneur’s Guide To Creativity & Well-Being

See for more information about George and his work

What you’ll find inside:

George Kao’s ideas about business, working joyfully, overthinking and ways to create an improved sense of satisfaction. He offers many valuable tips and ideas along with specific resources. Enjoy.


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