Let’s Talk Loneliness and Boundaries with Dianne A. Allen

Let’s Talk Loneliness and Boundaries with Dianne A. Allen


We all have our own unique way of living through and dancing with loneliness and the difficulty of setting boundaries.


When I was in high school, I was always around a lot of great people, and I really loved it. But I had this loneliness on the inside because I felt I was different from them, and they couldn’t see it. I didn’t know what it was. And there was this weird inner disconnect. So I had a lot of loneliness; even though many people were around me, my friendships were wonderful, and things were good. Loneliness can happen physically, but it also happens emotionally. 


Join me in this episode of Someone Gets Me Let’s Talk Loneliness and Boundaries with Dianne A. Allen. ▶️


Key point covered in this episode: 


✔️You can be alone but not lonely. Many of my clients tell me they would do anything to be loved. They have such a strong fear of being alone that they stay in not so great relationships. What happens is they keep changing their boundaries to please the other person until respect is lost.


✔️ People with healthy, regulated boundaries establish that yes means yes and no means no. Those who genuinely love you will respect how you choose to operate and be in integrity to get your needs met. Remember, loneliness is much bigger than just being alone, and it has to do with a true sense of connection and belonging. 


✔️ Are you the person with the plexiglass boundaries? Look inside and see if the loneliness you feel is due to those invisible barriers you’ve put up that keeps people at a distance. It may have protected you before but not served you anymore.


✔️Do not let the trance of electronics alter the fact that human connection is vital. Whether through sharing ideas, exchanging hugs, holding hands or just sitting together and hearing each other’s voices — all of those things are so important because the drive for personal human connection is strong. It’s in our cells; it’s in our DNA. We are mammals, and we are meant to interact energetically with others of the same species. 


So if you fool yourself into thinking that everything on screens is giving you the connection you need, you’re missing the mark because you’re going to create existential loneliness by doing that. We are required deeper in our minds and our innate structure to share the energetic connection with others for health, wellness, prosperity, success, and growth.


✔️ Begin to free yourself from the bondage that keeps this progressive kind of loneliness following you around. Start inside you and connect to your inner vision and purpose. It takes a lot of introspection and awareness to set healthy boundaries and move forward in any challenging situation. The truth is when you come out of your integrity, and separate yourself from your alignment, then you are creating your loneliness. Get clear of what you stand for and become the YOU who fulfills your destiny.



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