Life is a Jigsaw Puzzle

Ever wonder how things work together is this world? It is never as easy as the 2 gears turning neatly tongue and groove at the perfect pace. It seems that life is a jigsaw puzzle. There is always something else happening. There is time and space. There is context. So many factors that make any happening or situation change or be seen differently by different people at any time. For some things, what was true years ago may no longer be true. Things are always changing and moving. We are either evolving or devolving.

Your personal life is a jigsaw puzzle. You are born with a fully sealed and complete box of pieces. Only challenge is that you humanly do not have the picture. You are assured that the pieces are all there and that they make a beautiful masterpiece. The rest is up to you.

This is exciting and scary at the same time. Over time you may have spilled some of the pieces or lost some or maybe someone took some. Eventually, you begin to see enough of the picture that you become focused on finishing the picture and finding the missing pieces. Thankfully you can do this with some focus and effort.

Your transformation experience begins the moment you begin to seek to reclaim your missing pieces.

You hunt them down, claim them and place them in the puzzle. They have been thrown all over, so your work may be tiring and intense, yet you keep going. With every piece placed into it’s proper place, you relax and take a few deep breaths. Over your lifetime, the pieces are placed in the puzzle and as you evolve and are willing to create the full experience of life meant for you – you surrender, and you see a beauty that you can only see when you are surrendered and allowing your picture to come together.

Life i a jigsaw puzzleSome run and mess up the picture, mixing up the pieces further.

Some try to cut the pieces to fit.

Some pretend that the blank spots of missing pieces don’t matter even when they think it does matter.

Some try to pretend there is no puzzle.

Which one are you? Have you changed over your lifetime?

The Jigsaw puzzle also represents our Universe at large. Each one of the sentient beings is a unique piece. Each piece is needed for he full picture to be complete. We are all striving to find our place in the puzzle in one way or another. How you handle your personal puzzle interacts with your place in the Universal puzzle.

Still everyone is searching for their rightful place, knowingly and unknowingly.

So, do you want a full and complete, beautiful masterpiece? Are you willing to claim your pieces then claim your spot in the larger puzzle? Do you realize the emptiness your feel when you run and hide from being your authentic, amazing self?

I say that it is time that we all begin to reclaim our pieces that were seemingly lost or stolen. It is time to focus on filling the holes in our personal puzzles. As we fill these holes, we are liberated from the disjointed life experience. Things begin to make more sense and we are freer and happier.

As more and more people reclaim their pieces and then are willing to come into their authentic spot in the larger puzzle, the magic and mystery are transformative for everyone.

Some call this the tipping point. When enough people wake up and say yes to their personal mission and vision that the way things operate sift for the better – more awareness and enlightenment yields more joy and peace. Are you willing to take your rightful place?

You must be willing to follow the lead of the Divine, even and especially when it is divergent from your egoic ideas and constructs.

You must be willing to say yes and leave all that is familiar.

You must be willing to serve the highest good for all.

The good news is that this happens over time. The better news is that any discontent or depression or heart heaviness are signs that it is time to get moving. Maybe, just maybe some of your existential challenges are because you are a bit behind and with some focused action, you could be experiencing pure Joy, Truth and Peace.

So, remember that your life is a jigsaw puzzle. It is time to reclaim your personal pieces. Your masterpiece awaits. It is time to start signing autographs!

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