Life to the Fullest with Jeremy Fraj


Welcome friends to the Someone Gets Me podcast. I am your host Dianne Allen and I am delighted you are here. This podcast was created because I believe there is a visionary leader inside each one of us who is waiting to be seen. In each episode of Someone Gets Me you will hear useful tips from successful Visionaries who will share their stories about how being seen allowed them to take their Vision into Action.

In this episode, I interview Jeremy Fraj who is a passionate young entrepreneur who is interested in human optimization and thriving as a person and a society. Jeremy shares freely about clarifying your dream and his choice to live a vegan lifestyle.


Topics we discuss include:

  • Jeremy’s awakening and how he changed his life
  • Self-love and self-confidence
  • Conscious Entrepreneurship
  • Being authentic in all relationships
  • Making Decisions
  • Many more ideas and topics


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More about Jeremy Fraj:

According to Jeremy, I am a simple soul with a big heart. I am here to enjoy the present moment; this is where my bliss & joy & peace & satisfaction is experienced. I am all about extracting the most out of life by living my best potential which means taking care of myself whole-heartedly. I am 100% plant powered. I am into human optimization. I am here to thrive! I love adventure. I love exploration. I love nature. I love music (soul, folk, indie, spiritual, conscious hip hop, reggae, hardstyle, psy-trance, down tempo, bass music!). I love festivals/raves. I love to dance/express. I am a natural rhythmic person/drummer. I enjoy deep contemplation and flow states. I am spontaneous. I am a lifestyle entrepreneur. I serve humanity. I advocate natural healing modalities. I am all about superfoods, herbs, CBD oil, and ionized water. I help people transform their health & lifestyle. I am on a mission to raise awareness regarding health (mind body emotional soul). I seek to expand consciousness. I love diving deep into the psyche. I am weird. I like to play. I love trying new things. I am a warrior of the heart; I surrender to the Universe and I trust that my dreams will manifest. Basically, I just want to experience life to the fullest and be completely aligned with my passion and purpose while making a difference in the world simply by being me. 


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