Lonely Around the Holidays with Dianne A. Allen

Episode 221: Lonely Around the Holidays with Dianne A. Allen 

Do you feel the need to “just get through the holidays” and think that there’s a necessity to participate in traditions with people who are your so-called family and friends? We have all these beliefs that we should get through it sacrificing our peace and wellness for a few moments in a year. Marketing tactics have done that to us over the years, and let me tell you; it’s not right.


 In this episode, understand why you don’t have to go through traditions that wear you out and learn how to overcome loneliness in a supposedly magical time of the year. 


Key points covered in this episode: 


✔️ Tip 1: Make your personal holiday tradition. Make a relevant tradition that will help ground you as you grow through the years to come. Whether you can be with other people or not, follow an activity that is meaningful for you.


✔️ Tip 2: Create a protected and dedicated time to connect with you. You can’t be interrupted during that moment. Honor your feeling of loss and pain and feel lonely around the holidays. 


✔️ Tip 3: Create laughter! Whether it’s laughter yoga, a funny movie or anything that’s just fun for you — do that. Permit yourself to laugh because this helps your brain. It reminds us there’s more to life than our loneliness or our pain, or our grief. There is much more. 


✔️ Tip 4: Look for the good. Find meaningful ways to experience what matters. What is happening that can serve you? Ask where is the good within loneliness? Where is the light within the darkness? Where is the nugget of joy? Be willing to look for it. 


✔️ Tip 5: Reach out and connect with other people, even people you don’t yet know. Volunteer and offer your time in places where you are needed. Even with online platforms, you can connect with people and serve. When you are in a position of service for a group of people, it is easy to help that lonely part of you to calm down and not be so active. You have a right to feel your feelings, but you also have the responsibility not to allow them to run your show.  




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