Mastering the Art of Discomfort

Episode 216: Mastering the Art of Discomfort


This episode hits close to home as I have been experiencing intense, significant discomfort recently. I see pain everywhere with what’s going on with COVID— of being disconnected from our source and joy. Battling and managing my own pain made me realize lessons learned from pain and the opportunity it brings afterwards.


Join me in this episode of Someone Gets MeMastering the Art of Discomfort ▶️


Key points covered in this episode:


✔️ In a place of discomfort, we must permit ourselves to experience it. 

We must not try to hide it or minimize it. It doesn’t mean we walk around whining and complaining either; it means that we’re honest with ourselves. So when you’re going through a hard time, understand that it’s helping you see your strength; it’s helping you know who you are. It’s helping you grow beyond what you realize you can do. 


✔️  When you have a difficult time, you can still love yourself in the middle of it. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you or that you’re bad or did anything wrong. It means that it’s a tricky time. To learn more different ways to do self-love to go through this season.


✔️ Being alive and being able to experience pain is a gift.  Sounds goofy and maybe a little paradoxical, but wouldn’t you instead be experiencing challenges than experience nothing if numbed with drugs, alcohol, or dead? 


✔️ Whatever the discomfort is, we will be able to use those lessons to serve other people. Whether it’s a better understanding of what you go through, a heart with more compassion and acquiring knowledge based on your experience will help others who will go the same way as you. 


✔️ Any pain or separation is an invitation to go deeper into our soul and our purpose. There is a greater mission and lesson in everything. Honoring ourselves, our journey and being open-minded pays off for the greater good. 


✔️ Remember, there can’t be a Phoenix without a fire. So what if your discomfort is that fire that you’re going to rise out of? What if it’s your opportunity coming through having to burn off the stuff that’s not needed? So that’s something more amazing can show up. That’s the sense I have about what I’m going through, and it’s not easy, but you will surpass it.




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