Natural Beauty

Spring OrchidsIt is spring time and all around we see and experience life and a vibrancy that is so precious at this time of year. This is a time to be grateful for our blessings of natural beauty all around. Recently, I was traveling and was in an area many miles north of my home. Most of the plant life was still dormant. On my first morning, I was gazing out my friend’s kitchen window only to see a beautiful yellow blooming plant. Much of the plant life still showed the winter and this simple plant was blooming. It was powerful and majestic. Beauty in bloom reminded me of the power of letting my beauty shine. I also realized how easy it is to go about life without really stopping and savoring the beauty and power that abound in the nature wherever we are.

Now, in my own yard and neighborhood, I am reminded of the power and beauty of the nature around all of us. From the fragrance and beauty of gardenias to the reds of amaryllis, all of the life of spring is amazing. The blue jays sing, the squirrels play, the dogs and cats play with spontaneous joy. So, I wonder how are you at slowing down and appreciating the beauty around you?

For me, it is so vital to take time to breathe deeply, focus on the vision emerging from within me and to take action to consciously enjoy today for all that it offers. It is so seductive to become busy machines for many folks. It is also seductive for some folks to become slothful. There is a beautiful balance and art to action, inaction, surrender and gratitude. This flow and alignment offers all of us the opportunity for a rich, deep and vibrant life that is personal for each one. We are all of the same spiritual core and we choose various expressions. We are always creating and choosing, even when we are unaware.Dianne meditating

Today, take some time apart from the daily pressures and allow yourself to breathe deeply and smile as you experience the power within you. Allow the beauty of nature to remind you of your beauty. Remember that the solutions you are often seeking are also seeking you. Your life fitness depends upon your willingness and open mindedness. The more you are aligned, the more you see your visions applied!

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  1. Thank you Dianne for the reminder to breathe. This also reminded me how hard it is to stop focusing on “my future…now” stay in the day, stay open and breathe!!!

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