Nepal Earthquake 2015

I am moved by the earthquakes in Nepal. It was hard to hear about the first one with so much damage and so many lives lost to this natural disaster. The news feed coming in and more devastation being recorded. The trauma and the crises that are everywhere in that region is mind blowing. So many people whose lives are permanently changed by the force of nature that is beyond their own control. The people and the entire world are powerless over the force of nature and the path of destruction.

Now, the time for the clean-up; restoring and reclaiming life. Albeit a new way of life coping with loss and change, still it is life, their life, nonetheless. For each person impacted, the story is different and everyone experiences this event through their own autobiography.

I have never been through and earthquake. I can only imagine the fear, and confusion followed by pain and grief. Then a second quake re-ignites the fears and grief once more. I have lived through many hurricane and tropical weather systems. Being in the path of destruction is familiar to me with one big difference. With a hurricane or tropical system, we have a great deal of warning. With an earthquake this is not the case. Still, we are all at the mercy of nature and earth or climate changes such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, wild fires and other natural disasters. Still, I find it hard to fathom the depth with which the people of Nepal are grieving. They have an amazing spirit which will be the fuel for their re-building their lives. Form here, we can all offer what we are able to assist in their efforts. From monetary support to personally going to spiritual help through prayer, none of us is helpless in this situation. We are all impacted and I believe that it is our duty and birthright to be present for those who are struggling and offer kindness, generosity and compassion in whatever form we each discern is important.

There will be the day when the people of Nepal will once again smile and rejoice. The healing will happen with much support from around the globe. Many people help because suffering is part of our human condition and it transcends location, language or belief systems. We all can relate on a very deep, core level to the pain, fear and ultimate suffering being experienced by the people of Nepal at this time.

Let us not become hardened. Let us be genuinely compassionate and caring. May we all stop for a moment from our own lives and offer some form of assistance. As we freely give of our time, talent and treasure, we are positively impacting everyone. Mother Earth is telling us something. Are we listening? Today, I offer heartfelt blessings for healing and restoration.


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