Neurodiversity in Everyday Life

Episode 220: Neurodiversity in Everyday Life with Brent Sopel

Host: Dianne A. Allen

Unaware of clinically having Dyslexia, former professional hockey player Brent Sopel discovered his disability at age 32. In this inspiring episode, Brent shares what the real struggles and neurodiversity in everyday life looked like and why it’s essential to talk about this handicap to help young people who are undiagnosed and misunderstood. 


 Join me in this episode of Someone Gets MeNeurodiversity in Everyday Life with Brent Sopel ▶️


Key points covered in this episode: 


✔️ Many adults that are gifted and neurodiverse don’t find out about their own situation until their children get diagnosed.  Such is the case with Brent Sopel. He profoundly understands the struggles of people living with dyslexia who have to deal with reduced career opportunities, social isolation, and lower satisfaction in all areas of life. 


✔️ Hockey saved Brent in many ways. It didn’t only serve as a job but also as a self-esteem booster. As a visual and physical sport, hockey fits into Brent’s natural abilities without all the reading and writing struggle experienced in school all day long. 


✔️ Have an extra empathy chip.  Many people with dyslexia continue to suffer from a lack of understanding and support. People need to understand the disability and be more aware as suicides have tripled in the last ten years, with an intense 90% of suicide notes left by a person with dyslexia. 


✔️ Early diagnosis of Dyslexia and the early understanding of what turns it into a gift. Dyslexia is positively correlated with intelligence; even though there’s a misnomer, people might feel bad about themselves. 


✔️ By starting the Brent Sopel Foundation, his mission is to provide financial and educational support and early detection and intervention that people with dyslexia deserve. 


✔️ Don’t ever ask, “Why me?” Whatever that pain is, it’s gotten you here today. Brent has this to say to everyone going through dyslexia. “You’re not alone. No matter what you are going through, your battles — know that we all go through things. But we can go through it together.”




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