Out Of Thought And Into Action

“Nobody’s meant to live a miserable, resigned and apathetic life.” — Dianne A. Allen (01:15-01:19)

As visionary leaders, sometimes we get stuck in situations where we experience uncertainties and don’t know what steps we should take next. Let’s face it, living in pain and staying stuck where you are is a tough one. This week’s episode aims to help you with five steps that will help you move forward so you can act healthily and responsibly as a good steward.

Part One of ‘Out Of Thought And Into Action’

Have you ever dealt with someone who thinks that they’re going to be forever depressed, anxious, and their life is full of difficulties that are way too impossible to overcome? Or if that person is you, know that nobody’s meant to live a miserable, resigned and apathetic life.

You don’t need to hold on to the pain because there are many ways not to feel heavy. It doesn’t mean you disregard how you feel; it’s just a matter of focusing more on what actions you can take to have a joyful, happier, and more meaningful life. At the end of the day, that’s what we all want, right?

“It matters to be consistent every day.” – Dianne A. Allen (09:25-09:29)

The first step you must take is to be kind and compassionate to yourself. That doesn’t mean you make excuses for your unpleasant behaviors. It doesn’t mean you blame yourself or anyone else. It’s about realizing that you have inherent value beyond what you can even understand and that it’s time to be kind to yourself. Put down the inner baseball bat, quit beating yourself up. Stop judging your behaviors and thought patterns that don’t work.

The second step is to create psychological safety, one of the most important things that people don’t talk much about. You can only evolve to the level that you feel safe, or else you’re not going to let all of you show up. Safety has to be there along with kindness and compassion, but that doesn’t mean there’s no accountability. If internally, you’re not being safe in your thoughts, you want to get some help with how to think differently.

The third step is knowing that consistency wins all the time. It’s not about trying to beat the clock or be faster than someone else. Consistency over time builds trust, and trust is consistency over time. If you do the same thing every day for a certain amount of time, your success is guaranteed.

Part Two of ‘Out Of Thought And Into Action’

The fourth step is about exploring and understanding what your gifts bring to the world. You need an action plan so you can get more aligned closely with who you are. You may try different things like writing a journal, starting up a blog, calling somebody, asking for help, or saying yes to somebody who’s offering something to you. And if something doesn’t work out the way you want it, take the time to wait and see until you discern the next best step.


“Come up with an action plan that aligns more closely with who you are.” – Dianne A. Allen (11:22-11:26)


The last thing is knowing that the world is always your perfect feedback loop. It’s imperative to pay attention to feedback, look at where your gifts intersect with the needs and wants of the world, and relate to how these things go together because there are many amazing things that only you can do. You might have to be creative a little bit. You might have to start looking around and ask yourself, “How can my unique gifts and talents be of best service?” And until you get aligned with being of the best service and being a good steward, things won’t resonate well once you know that you’ve dialed in.

It’s essential to understand how all five of these steps work together and pay attention brings you powerful results. It’s time for you to step out of overthinking and live a happy life.

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