Overthinking – What causes it and how to overcome

Episode 203: Overthinking – What causes it and how to overcome

by Dianne A. Allen


There are so many dangers to overthinking, and sometimes people think it’s just part of the stress in the world. Overthinking becomes a compulsion and addiction. The only way to break it is to keep putting different kinds of interjections and pattern interrupts so that it can’t keep running our lives. As humans, we are designed biologically and neurologically to deal with short-term stress and live with more rest in harmony—quite the opposite of our current culture. 


In this episode, overthink no more and learn how to master and overcome the monkey mind going around in your head, overcome the constant chatter that impairs your happiness, success, and ultimate fulfillment. 


Essential points covered in this episode: 


✔️ Poor sleep is one of the biggest dangers of overthinking. There’s tons of research emphasizing the importance of rest, especially for those of us who are intensely sensitive. If you are not sleeping right, you diminish your health and function.


✔️ Overthinking can create headaches. You experience getting them in the back of your neck or the back of your head. Headaches serve as a signal that you need to take a break on the inside.


✔️ Overthinking can come from living in fear, whether you are afraid of failure or success, and other unconscious belief systems that lead to self-sabotage. 


✔️ Analysis paralysis results from thinking too much and ends up freezing yourself with your thinking. And so, when we get caught in this trap, we end up deadening our ability to problem solve and connect with people. 


✔️  When we’re overthinking, we’re walking around like a stick with a head. The danger of overthinking results in stiffness in the body. You want to have flexibility in your body so your muscles will move and you can feel good. You are creating more rigidity that results in more disconnection from living in the moment.


✔️ A weary mind leads to a tired body.  Fatigue and all of its ways, compassion fatigue, decision fatigue, and physical tiredness result in overthinking. It takes a lot of energy to keep overthinking, and so is it worth it? We exhaust our nervous system that can get dysfunctional, and experience side effects.


✔️  Release the obsession and the compulsion of always thinking. When we’re overthinking the future and the past, we’re missing out on the many beautiful and glorious aspects of life. 


✔️  The best way to help get rid of overthinking is to create.  Letting the creative part of you out creates balance in your nervous system, your digestion, lowers your blood pressure, and relaxes your jaw and the tension in your shoulders. So it’s so important to let creativity out, whether it’s journaling, scribbling, or making sports, music, art, or dance. 


✔️  When we keep so much junk in our head that there’s no room for love or joy or happiness, we have totally undermined the purpose of our mind. 


✔️  Meditate, journal and love on yourself — there are lots of things we can do without screens. Do not allow yourself to be constantly distracted by every notification on your computer or phone. Turn them off so you can check at your leisure when you schedule it, not when it dings to you. 




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