Pushing Through Doubt with Dianne A. Allen

“Sometimes we don’t give ourselves permission to feel doubt.” 
— Dianne A. Allen (00:27-00:31)

Have you ever experienced the feeling of doubt up to the point it served as a barrier for you to reach your destiny? Many gifted and visionary leaders don’t realize how they’re allowing doubt to steal their joy. Perhaps, you think it’s part of the human condition. But sometimes, we don’t give ourselves permission to feel doubt, just because our society taught us that we shouldn’t feel it. Instead of asking what’s wrong with you, contemplate what you can do better so you can have a successful journey. In this week’s episode, we’re going to talk about pushing through doubt. It’s time for you to perceive your uncertainty from obstacles to stepping stones.

Part One of ‘Pushing Through Doubt with Dianne A. Allen’

Our daily lives are constantly filled with routines that take our energy, time, and attention. Expectedly, it can sometimes be challenging. Especially during the pandemic that we’re going through right now, doubt can easily creep in, and this is what happens for sure.

It distracts you from your true identity and where you’re headed. It’s a small voice that’ll tell you that you’re not good enough or you’re dreaming about something that’s too big to be accomplished. It’s not the truth you should be leaning on to, because it’s a BIG LIAR!

“Doubt is a distraction from who you are and where you’re headed.” – Dianne A. Allen (02:15-02:21)

Once we realize we have to feel kindness and compassion for ourselves, once we take a breath and give ourselves a break, we realize that it’s time to trust. If you’re trying to get on the other side of having doubt consume you is to begin to trust the greater plan of the universe and trust yourself as a competent human being. You have a mighty purpose, and you’re not here on this planet by accident. Have a little bit of faith that you’re able to achieve great things, and things will always be better.

Part Two of ‘Pushing Through Doubt with Dianne A. Allen’

As we all go on our journey, we tend to get attached to the outcome that we miss the beauty of the process. Be an observer, and take the time to witness everything that’s happening around you, but not necessarily getting involved in everything or on top of everything. It’s about appreciating the small things so you won’t miss the bigger picture.

“Gratitude can help you overcome all your doubts.” – Dianne A. Allen (12:42-12:51)

Keep on moving forward and keep expanding because that’s the way it works. Focus on stepping out of the drama for a minute, step out of the intensity, and honor yourself for all of the good things that you’re doing in the world.

You’re flawlessly beautiful, lovable, and capable. Let’s release the belief and idea that there’s something wrong with you. Enjoy the freedom from letting doubt distract you away from your aligned goodness. Focus on what’s right with you, and don’t leave any room for the doubt to stay. It’s always possible for you to live your real vision. Go out there and let your light shine.

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