Quiet Confidence with Danielle Gardner


Welcome friends to the Someone Gets Me podcast. I am your host Dianne Allen and I am delighted you are here. This podcast was created because I believe there is a visionary leader inside each one of us who is waiting to be seen. In each episode of Someone Gets Me you will hear useful tips from successful Visionaries who will share their stories about how being seen allowed them to take their Vision into Action.

In this episode, I interview Danielle (Dani) Gardner is a Business Coach who helps practitioners & coaches articulate their message, market themselves with quiet confidence, and build their business without having to be online all the time.

Topics we discuss include:

  • Dani’s path into quiet confidence
  • The art of storytelling and your personal brand
  • Articulating your message
  • Daily actions for having fun in your work
  • Tips on overthinking and procrastination


Danielle’s Links:

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