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The tragedy of life is what dies in man while he lives. ~ Albert Schweitzer

Addiction progressively takes away your vitality for life. As I look around, it is obvious that our society has become an addict. My definition of addiction is that you cannot get enough of what you don’t want. Recovery remastered is taking a look anew at the addiction epidemic in our society.

When you cannot effectively manage your emotions and you use anything to numb, avoid or distract, you are addicted.

This includes inner addictions to fear, pain, power, self-pity as well as outer addictions to substances, work, and people. Addiction isolates people from the life sustaining connection with others and deteriorates existence. When you are engaging in the “having fun” of your addiction, you may believe your own lies. The problem remains that the pain of your isolation and progressive life challenges creeps into your mind when you are alone. Thus, you end up with sleepless nights because you are living a lie. What you are not yet aware of is that there is ultimate freedom in shedding the deception and allowing your truth to emerge and guide you.

The fun that you are convincing yourself that you are having is really an addiction to the distraction that is zapping your life energy, vision and motivation. If you truly want to live, free and vital, you must stand up to your addictions and call them out for the lies that they are. Then you can live by higher standards and motives. Your life becomes easier and less painful.

To become free of the downward addictive spiral, you must be open and willing to make inner changes. Sometimes the initial awareness of the gravity of the problem can seem overwhelming. This is why there are guides and mentors to help show you the way. Everyone in the family is a part of the intergenerational nature of the pain cycle that can grip multiple members of a single family. Their addictions may look different, yet they are addictions none the same.

Only you can help you heal the wounds, pain, unresolved grief and traumas.

Facing addictions takes courage and guts. Sadly, many people never make the changes until they are nearly dead, or the consequences outweigh the seeming payoff for the numbing. Facing the old pain that you are carrying around in you is not easy. Much of the pain that you are carrying did not start with you.

You did not start the cascading energy of separation and pain, yet you must be the one to stop the perpetuating cycles or die.

Your death may be physical, or it could be a spiritual or emotional type of death where you are just numbed out walking around with no vitality. You become flat and apathetic.

Try this: Take a few long, slow deep breaths. Allow the conscious stress to dissolve for a moment and say yes to life. See yourself letting go of the need to distract yourself from the beauty of your life. Decide to use your courage to confront the lies you are telling yourself, so you can be free to live the life you have imagined.

It is time we remaster the approach to helping addicts and anyone who has an addiction. Because this is most of society, the epidemic is clear. It is time to use compassion and support while also educating people on what they can do differently. Rather than simply saying “You are the problem”, it is time to come together and show the way. Once you are on the right road of recovery and inner spiritual development, you can then shine the light for others as well.

Help can come in many forms and the right way is the way that works for you.

Let’s release judgment and pre-conceived ideas. The old system is not effective. There are better ways to help the suffering addict. In fact, they are suffering, regardless of what may be on the outside.

Addiction is the effect of a spent cause. It has an inner energy component that is often overlooked in our over intellectualized society. Heart and emotions and spirit are all part of the solution. The disconnection is the culprit.

Your journey must include restoring your inner connection while doing the outer work.

Yes, it is work. Yes, you are worth it.

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