Reflecting on Dr. Wayne Dyer

Reflecting on Dr. Wayne Dyer as I have learned that he has moved on in his journey from this physical plane. He would say it is the continuation of his soul’s journey. He has touched my life personally and professionally for many years. I feel a kind of heaviness now, thinking that his human and personal presence is no longer among us. I don’t know him personally yet somehow I feel like I know him. His quote “Be willing to dream and imagine yourself becoming all that you wish to be.” has been a profound source of inspiration and the fuel that keeps going. From Your Erroneous Zones to his more react works, I have learned, grown and shared his many rich ideas.

His movie From Ambition to Meaning really drives home the idea of having reverence for the afternoon and evening of our lives. The movie has several characters depicting the many distraction loops that the ego can send us on from arrogance and fear to withdrawal and selfishness. In the movie Wayne eloquently teaches profound messages that end up transforming the people around him. I think this movie could be seen as a real life expression of what I imagine Wayne’s life to be like if I were around him personally. He has been part of the transformation of many lives, many of whom never met him personally.

His bright light and his compassion with a focus toward uplifting consciousness has truly touched millions. I believe his impact and legacy will be far reaching over time and space. Truly Wayne, you are a gift and you so freely shared your gifts. His work has been one of my inspirations for some time now.

I am a visionary and I have always felt supported by the lessons that I learned anytime I listened to or watched Dr. Wayne Dyer speak. I imagine myself becoming all that I wish to be every day. I even use my imagination for this goal when I don’t feel like it. It seems I cannot stop my imagination from creating my vision. It is this way of living that inspired the name of my center; Visions Applied. I also learned the power of focused action from Wayne. In a real way, my connection to Dr. Dyer and his teaching over decades fuels some of my ideas and work today. I am confident I am not alone.

We are all connected to Source and it is our life’s purpose to remain connected and to build and evolve our connection. Wayne walked across the stage in his bare feet talking about Source in a calm and assured manner. Of course you would listen if you heard him; he made far too much sense to dismiss. In this way Dr. Dyer helped each of us impacted by him go deeper within and really get connected to our Source. He supported all of us living our lives, honoring our journey and freely sharing our gifts.

I take the many teachings and share them with the people I have worked with over the years. Taking responsibility for your life and being accountable for your movement through your life is a key part of success and happiness. “Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it.” is what Brene Brown states. This is so important as well. I believe that both Wayne and Brene would align in many ways, especially when it comes to owning our lives and living them as fully and completely as possible; ever mindful of doing what is best for the highest good of all.

When the spiritual aspect of human life emerges into a conversation, there are often many reactions. In my life and work, melding the two is vital to interpersonal and intrapersonal success. Being able to look at yourself in the eyes and claim your life is powerful and necessary for long term success, fulfillment and happiness. Your vision and your dream are composed of both your spiritual essence as well as your human essence. There is no structure other than what you place on this and there is no doctrine either. We all have a source and it is vital that we connect and remain connected as much as possible.

I have witnessed the devastation of running from ourselves first hand. I had a close friend who was a helper by vocation yet she consistently ran from herself on that deeper level. She always appeared to be struggling inside and she never really honored her inner struggle. As her career progressed, she was easily used by others and often influenced because her inner discernment was clouded or even disconnected from her inner Source. I am hopeful that one day she will stop running from her life. She has many talents and gifts that are clouded or unable to rise and shine because of her inner struggle as with her own worthiness and value.

Dianne Allen

Dianne Allen

My life’s work has been about becoming technically eclectic in creating avenues for your and my passion and vision to emerge into reality. By focusing on the highest good for all concerned and being willing to use our voice and our hands, each one of us holds the power to make a marked uplifting impact in our world. There are many current day examples of people taking a stand for higher consciousness. Not all are household names and sadly many household names are working toward a lower rather than higher vibration. Fear is lower than compassion, gratitude and love. I want to encourage you to become technically eclectic as well. Learn many varied skills with an open mind and heart. Remember that we are all learning and no one knows everything. Remain open and teachable, especially if you think you know the information. Be receptive to the higher message and meaning in events, synchronicities and introductions. Respond with an open heart and mind and allow your personal transformation by releasing what no longer serves your highest good. Be obedient to your higher calling and keep your eyes focused on your heart felt vision. You will know it is yours to do because it will be uplifting for you and others without judgment and fear attached.

It is time to dream your dream and be willing to take appropriate action toward your dream. Always remember that you will be prepared along the way and as the journey unfolds and the vision begins to manifest you will experience fulfillment and Joy and Love. As I dream of becoming all I wish to be, I invite you to do the same. Connect to your Source as Dr. Wayne Dyer taught. Own your story as Brene Brown shares. Be technically eclectic in your action toward your vision as I teach! Together we are able to make a real difference in the consciousness on our planet.

I can do it! You can do it! We can do it! Joyful Blessings!


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  1. These passings are a reminder that our time here has it limits too. I play to much with that mental monkey and always appreciate your “action” reminders!

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