Restore Fitness for the Family with Ronnie Fulton

Ronnie Fulton on Someone Gets Me podcast


Welcome to the Someone Gets Me podcast where you will hear stories of inspiration and hope realized. Hosted by Dianne Allen, Intuitive Empowerment Mentor, who specializes in working with people who want to be freed from being stuck in life. You will hear personal stories and professional insights along with tips on how to conquer overthinking, procrastination and more. If you are bright and sensitive, this podcast is for you too!

In this episode, I interview Ronnie Fulton. Ronnie is a fitness advocate and amazing founder of iRestore Fitness where is teaches sold out workshops and inspires people to restore their fitness through rollassage and other restorative practices. Our conversation is packed with amazing insights about Ronnie’s personal and professional journey, including fitness and healthy habits for the busy family

Topics we discuss include:

  • Ronnie’s thoughts and beliefs regarding family, work life balance
  • Ronnie’s life as an entrepreneur
  • Ronnie’s strategy regarding overthinking
  • Suggestions for personal fitness for entrepreneurs and the entire family
  • Additional insights and tips for your success, including inspiration to restore your health


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More about Ronnie Fulton:

Ronnie Fulton is a foam rolling fanatic and passionate self-care advocate. As an experienced licensed massage therapist, certified personal trainer and restorative exercise specialist she felt a calling to rid the world of “unnecessary” muscle pain. So, in the summer of 2013, she threw on her yoga pants and a tank top, twisted up her locs, grabbed her arsenal of massage tools and taught her first Group Ex Foam Rolling class at the local YMCA.

A fusion of neuromuscular, yoga, and muscle recovery therapy, this unique “feel good class” grew quickly in popularity as participants experienced relief from pain, increased mobility and performance improvement. With self-care as its core principle, Rollassage, inspired many to take a proactive approach to health and our tribe of ROLLing Rockstars was formed.

These days her company, RESTORE Fitness hosts sold out workshops, provide educational consultation for foam rolling manufacturers, offers self-care and weight loss programs and teaches professional continuing education courses.

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