Say Yes!

Say Yes! Say yes to your dreams and heart’s desire. Say yes to serving the highest good and to being a beneficial presence on planet Earth. When you say yes (not maybe or no) you come into alignment with the higher good, the Divine. As you learn to live in this flow, you see and experience wonderful life events. Always remember that your thoughts create your life experience. Always remember that by saying yes to the Divine, you are transformed and set free from limiting thinking. May you say yes to your purpose and mission.

It requires your internal yes to activate the deep focus that comes from within. In order to have your visions applied, you must begin to discipline your thinking and focus. Spend time each day visualizing your success. Allow yourself to receive the good from life.

Recently I said yes to my vision is a whole new way. Now, a few months later, I am alive and awake with inspiration and beauty beyond my wildest dreams. You too can experience the results of freedom and joy like never before. I call this experience PowerJoy! Say yes to your vision and heart’s desire, take right action, humbly receive life’s gifts.

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