Seasons of Life

Life is about honoring the process, knowing how you’re going to be a profitable visionary and how you’re going to feel successful from the inside out as a visionary.

You can’t plant apple seeds and expect to get oranges. It’s not how it works. And that’s what people are doing when they’re not lined up when their head says one thing, and their heart says something else.

How can you use the cycles of life for your benefit? In this week’s episode, we’re going to talk about the seasons of life.

Part One of ‘Seasons of Life’

I want to look at the cycle of seasons as the hallmark or the foundation for this conversation — winter, spring, summer, and fall. I live in Florida, where there’s not much winter and fall. The winter season is a profound season. It’s a season of going within, resting, and getting ready for the year to come, which makes it very special. It’s meant to be celebrated as a way to go deeper within our soul and our emotions of who we are as human beings so that when we come forth in the spring, there is something even more amazing about what we bring to the world. And every winter we go through that time.

I used to dislike winters a lot because it wasn’t very daylight and I didn’t like the cold when I was younger. And I always had a hard time until I realized the powerful significance and meaning of winter. Now I am fully embracing the winter season. I will hibernate a little more. I’ll meditate a little bit more, journaling and doing all those things to open up who I am spiritually and emotionally and fuel my system so that as spring gets here, I can spring forth.

“Your personal development is meant to move you forward.” – Dianne A. Allen (13:30-13:34)

So, winter is the beginning of the cycle. And then we come slowly into the springtime. Now, the springtime is when we plant the seeds for what we want to grow in the summer. If you’re going to plant seeds of apple seeds, don’t look for oranges. You’re going to get apples. The same thing is true with our thinking. If I plant seeds in the spring of fear, pain, greed, and shame, then that is when I’m going to be reaping later on in the fall. If I plant seeds of kindness, compassion, love, and generosity, that’s what I’m going to be collecting in the fall.

I ask you when you come to the spring of any part of your life, whether it’s the actual spring season or maybe it’s the cycle of something that you’re working on or doing, what seeds are you planting? Your seeds come from what you’re thinking about. So, if I’m walking around and I’m not paying any attention, then what’s going to happen is it’s going to be random stuff. I’m going to have weeds, I’m going to have all different kinds of plants. And it may not be at all what I want to harvest.

So, I want to be disciplined about what I’m thinking about, and I want to focus on it. As I plant the seeds, I know what I’m doing. Spring is a powerful time because as the seeds are planted by the end of spring and coming into summer, they’re germinating. They’re coming forth. That’s why everyone loves the flowers, everything that comes to life. And that’s how you see the hibernating animals come out, and all the changes happen.

I live by a lake, then here’s the ducks, the little bunnies and the birds. And there’s a cardinal family out there with the little babies and the eagles, all of them. It’s the spring. We’re bringing forth new life. So, it applies not only during the regular seasons of the year but the seasons of a project we’re doing. So, I might have a great idea for a new thing. And that’s the spring. And then the summer is when I’m growing it. That’s when it rains more. And that’s when the sun nourishes the soil and the plant. And it grows and grows.


Corn grows right in the summer. Most of our crops grow in the summer because that’s when the growing season is, as the days are longer, and it is a very good environment for growth. Whatever seeds we plant in life as a visionary leader, we can either choose to pull the weeds out when they’re little or let them grow along. All kinds of things can happen.


Fall or autumn comes next. That’s when we get the harvest. I love the idea of reaping what we’ve sown over the years. What are we reaping? What are we bringing in? The cornucopia of amazement of what I’ve planted in the spring grew in the summer, and now I’m harvesting it in the fall. And that’s a compelling image when we think about what it is we’re planting, what we’re growing, what we’re nurturing, and feeding because that’s what we’re going to harvest. So, what are you harvesting? What is it that you want to have, and what is it that you’re getting right.

Part Two of ‘Seasons of Life’

The winter season is so important because that’s where we replenish our resources. That’s where we allow ourselves to have stillness and quiet so that as humans, we can decide what to plant in the next spring. That’s where we get to heal and bring back together any part of us that was fragmented or maybe even tired from the busy growing season. Then pretty soon, we’re invited to plant new seeds so that new things can grow, and we can nourish through the summer in the fall. Thus, is the cycle of seasons. And so, these cycles and the seasons of our life are meant to live in this circular rhythm.


However, we in the Western world have a belief or a way we’ve been taught. I guess that says everything’s linear. If I’ve been doing this behavior for 30 days, I should have this result. It’s all linear, and that’s not true. Our life is not meant to be linear or life is circular. There are cycles to it. We’re meant to have a rhythm that moves us forward in a circle like the cycle of the moon. We go from the full moon. It wanes down to half-moon, crescent moon, the new moon. It waxes up and goes to half-moon. And then, back to the full moon again. And it keeps doing that same thing. We are meant as human beings and as mammals on earth to live within the cycles of seasons.

“Your happiness is not predicated on what’s outside of you.” – Dianne A. Allen 

This is really important, especially if you have any grieving or sadness going on because a lot of people think that if you lost somebody, you should be strong and get over it quickly. Well, that’s not true. That’s not how it works. We’re taught erroneously to be strong and stoic. That’s old news. Grieving takes a full cycle of seasons. And if I allow myself to live in the cycle and make friends with the flow of the universe, then I’m not pushing or trying to get life to do something it’s not meant to do. I’m not creating any more harm or pain for myself.

To be connected to all of who you are, that’s what matters more than anything in the world. Learn how to use what you’ve learned as a human being to move you into a greater place of harmony, peace, and goodness. That means both your personal and professional development, it’s meant to move us forward. It’s extremely valuable to see things in a cycle of seasons.

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