Self-Acceptance for the Introvert with Chrisa TS

Chris TS on Someone Gets Me Podcast


Welcome to the Someone Gets Me podcast where you will hear stories of inspiration and hope realized. Hosted by Dianne Allen, Intuitive Empowerment Mentor, who specializes in working with people who want to be freed from being stuck in life. You will hear personal stories and professional insights along with tips on how to conquer overthinking, procrastination and more. If you are bright and sensitive, this podcast is for you too!

In this episode, I interview Chrisa. I talk to Chrisa about self-confidence by practicing self-acceptance for the introvert. Our conversation is packed with amazing insights about Chrisa’s personal and professional journey.

Topics we discuss include:

  • The Power of Storytelling
  • Chrisa’s ideas about self-acceptance and being an introvert
  • Additional insights and tips for your success in creating more empowerment and well-being


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More about Chrisa:

Chrisa assists her clients achieve increased motivation, confidence, creativity, productivity, stress relief and excel in public speaking.

A TEDx Speaker and a former Political Strategy Advisor, she has extensive experience working with high performing people in high pressure situations and she excels helping women deal with confidence related issues, stress management and public speaking on stage, in business and in life

Through her programs, workshops and retreats she guides her audience through powerful experiences that help them face their limiting beliefs, if any, master a confident speaking mindset, have authentic  
communication, and gain even greater growth and fulfillment.

As a Transformation Coach, she facilitates your change and growth in becoming a confident public speaker. She does this by shedding light and understanding on your vision/goal, asking probing questions, hearing what you do not notice in what you are saying, spotting what you do not see for yourself, untying knots that hold you back, and by providing you with unconditional support,  
all the while encouraging your self-discovery.

Every Thursday, Chrisa hosts her own video show: The Chrisa Group Show, discussing personal development hot topics. Most nights, you’ll find Chrisa at home with a cup of herbal Cretan tea writing about  life, love, business and everything else on her blog:

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