Self-care in overcoming obstacles with Alder Allensworth

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In this episode, Dianne A. Allen interviews Alder Allensworth who is a sought after speaker and advocate at overcoming obstacles, for people with disabilities who brings over 30 years of experience in the areas of transition, accessibility, counseling and coaching.

The Someone Gets Me podcast. I am your host Dianne Allen and I am delighted you are here. This podcast was created because I believe there is a visionary leader inside each one of us who is waiting to be seen. In each episode of Someone Gets Me you will hear useful tips from successful Visionaries who will share their stories about how being seen allowed them to take their Vision into Action.

Topics we discuss include:

  • Music in the healing process
  • Alder’s story of her vocation
  • Alder’s interview on the Sailing Legends Podcast
  • Alder’s amazing visionary path
  • Women in Leadership


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More about Alder Allensworth, MM, LMHC, RN, CIHC:

Alder Allensworth is a sought after speaker and advocate for people with disabilities who brings over 30 years of experience in the areas of transition, accessibility, counseling and coaching. She is a writer for a variety of international, national, and local associations; and has been featured on television, radio, and in newspaper articles with an international distribution focusing on enriching quality of life for all.

In May of 1990, she was diagnosed with cancer of the tear gland, had radical surgery removing her left orbit and was given a life limiting diagnosis. Sailing became her therapy and in1995, was given a clean bill of health. In 2000, overcoming obstacles of all kinds, she sailed a 12-foot boat 1200 miles for a sailing program for people with disabilities to raise money and awareness for sailors with disabilities. This trip was followed by CNN.

Allensworth is a published author of the award winning book Prevail: Celebrate the Journey, which follows Allensworth’s story from her diagnosis through her sailing expedition, and finally to the creation of a nonprofit sailing organization Sailability Greater Tampa Bay, Inc. that provides instruction, recreation and empowerment to people of all ages and abilities. Her book, Celebrate the Journey, Self-Care Cancer will be out in October.

Allensworth has overcome many personal obstacles, researched the best techniques to live life to the fullest and positively impact those around her. She has coached many others to bring their best vision to life. Her mission is to assist others in experiencing growth in their lives. She teaches self-care at The Life Canter of the Suncoast, Mystikal Scents and Enchanted Triple Moon.

Allensworth holds a Masters degree in Music Therapy and Behavioral Medicine and an associate’s degree in nursing. In addition she is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Registered Nurse in the State of Florida, and is certified as an International Health Coach.


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