Service Leadership with Shireen Janti

Episode 209: Service Leadership with Shireen Janti

A true servant leader stands up for those who may not have a strong enough voice to stand up for themselves. In an inspiring episode with Shireen Janti, Sr. Director of MusiCares and a licensed counselor for 30 years, we talk about what it means to be gifted, overcome addiction and recovery, being a person of service, and becoming a true leader with boundaries. 


Key points covered in this episode:


✔️  We all struggle in some way internally. As a woman in recovery from alcoholism and addiction and 32 years sober, Shireen shares how putting out her story has helped many men and women win in life. “Being a leader is not only having the courage to share my story, regardless of what it may sound or look like, irrespective of what you may think or judge me about me. Learning how to be a leader is being secure and strong with your decisions, even if you’re unsure. But it feels right; you do it anyway. And then there may be a lesson in that.”


 ✔️ MusiCares tirelessly work as “The Red Cross for the music community.” Everyone affiliated with music faces economic and mental challenges due to the coronavirus crisis. “Many people aren’t necessarily alcoholics or addicts, but they started drinking more or taking three prescription pills more, or it’s gotten out of control where they need help to get back into alignment with themselves. We are there for them.”


✔️ There are ways that you can serve others without getting lost. Take care of your boundaries because you don’t want to get stressed and burned out because that doesn’t work. You teach people how to treat you, and you get the behavior you tolerate, so learn how to say NO and be OK with that.


✔️‘Who am I, and what do I stand for?’ Sometimes we need to be asked to really think that through and remember we all are worthy and that we all matter, regardless of where we came from, what we’ve done, and what mistakes we made. 


Shireen Janti has been a force in the field of Chemical Dependency for over 32 years. Her credentials include obtaining her (LAADC) Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, (CRPS) Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist, and her certification as a Professional Life Coach. 


Shireen joined the MusiCares team in 2004, which is the charitable arm of the Recording Academy, otherwise known as the GRAMMYS. She started in the role of an Addiction Recovery Specialist. With hard work, commitment, and tenacity, she moved up the ranks into the title of Senior Director, which she proudly holds today. Shireen manages and facilitates all facets and services that MusiCares provides, including health and human services, addiction recovery assessment, referral, and case management. 


Shireen has received awards such as the “Gratitude for Giving”-Sierra Tucson 2010, “Distinguished Service In the Field Of Recovery”-Promises Foundation Miriam’s House Polo in the Palisades 2016, the “Visionary Award” at the CCAPP Convention 2016, and the WAAT Woman’s Association of Addiction Treatment (Victoria Smart) Award in 2019.


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