Serving Others – How to Become a Channel for the Highest Good with Sarah Santacroce


​In this episode, Dianne Allen shares a great conversation with her guest Sarah Santacroce about serving others and becoming a channel for the highest good.

Part One of ‘Serving Others — How to Become a Channel for the Highest Good’

The moment you realize that you’re wearing a face mask that’s keeping you from showing your unique self, that’s the right starting place to discover your hidden qualities. Some people have been taught at a young age that if you’re going to be in business, you have to look a certain way and follow the norms of our society. You’re lucky if you had the kind of upbringing where equality wasn’t an issue because, in some other countries, there is much discrimination when it comes to rising to a place of leadership that is more visionary and more progressive.

“Sometimes, you tend to forget the real person behind your face mask not realizing you’ve been wearing it for too long.” – Sarah Santacroce (05:00-05:26)

As human beings, we’re meant to build a relationship with others whatever industry you are in.  We don’t need to be best friends with someone to have a good relationship with them, and that applies in the business world too. We think that some people are only after something from us, so that creates a space for reservation and a feeling of exclusion for everybody. As a result, you don’t care much about building a connection with others. But that’s part of the growing and changing process.

Part Two of ‘Serving Others — How to Become a Channel for the Highest Good’

Once you identify the area that you need to improve, that’s a perfect place to try to do things differently. As you go through your journey, you must realize that it all starts with doing the inner work so that you can become the person that you want to be. If you know yourself enough, it’ll be easier for you to connect with other people. If you’re an entrepreneur, make it your goal to shift your business into something that’s fulfilling your soul and your mission. If you’re involved in marketing programs that seek to target your dream clients, it is essential to figure out first who you are.

“We don’t change unless something is so bad that we just can’t stand going forward that way anymore.” – Sarah Santacroce (25:09-25:17)

If you’re always running and chasing after this supposedly ideal client that isn’t a good match for your business, you will end up wasting many years when there are many more important things you could focus on. It is advisable to create a joyful and sustainable business that allows you to find your ideal match so that every time you show up for your clients, it’s just like hanging out with your friends and having a blast. Lastly, always bring empathy and kindness in the business world.

How to Get Involved

Dianne’s personal vision and mission is to educate and inspire people to touch their inner fire and allow that beauty to come forth into the world. She believes that we all have a message that is healing and uplifting somewhere deep inside. She designed this podcast to help you awaken and live from your inner beauty, fire, and truth.

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