Something Bigger

Ever thought of creating something more substantial than yourself? Especially with the turbulence of society right now? In this week’s episode, this is what Dianne A. Allen is going to discuss with her special guest, Nina Hermann.

Nina Hermann has a podcast show, “Vibrant Living”. She is a licensed realtor from Bradenton, Florida. The Vibrant Living Group has combined 17 plus years of military experience, 36 years in customer service, and 14 years in the home building industry.

Part One of ‘Something Bigger with Nina Hermann’

Have you ever experienced indecision? You kept working on something until it didn’t bring out the best version of you. You may want to pursue a job in a particular industry. Also, there are multiple other things to pair with what you’re doing, such as helping other people.

Nina Hermann has combined her passion for real estate with assisting others to be in alignment with their health and well-being. As a result, she launched her YouTube and podcast channels to bring people together in vibrant and home-inspired living.

“We all want to be heard as visionary leaders.” – Dianne A. Allen (19:26-19:30)

Some people think that only visionary leaders are gifted. But that’s not true. You can always be both. You may have experienced some failures in life. But if you connect all the dots and pull them all together, something inspiring and magical can come out of it.

While your success story is slowly unfolding, you will encounter a lot of negative stuff. Feelings of isolation, worthlessness, or hopelessness. You can’t stay inside of your shell forever. You have a fantastic message to share out there. You are here on this earth for a reason. Everything that’s happening in your life has a purpose.

Part Two of ‘Something Bigger with Nina Hermann’

Maintain a daily routine. Make sure that you’re getting up, and you have a pattern to follow. Meditation, movement, and creation — do something in the morning to get you started in those three areas. Especially right now, if you’re quarantined at home. Open the windows if you can’t be outside. get some fresh air.

“The world is changing so rapidly in so many ways that love and connection are the driving force that’s so vital.” – Dianne A. Allen (33:32-33:37)

During this pandemic, people who are in assisted living are not allowed to have visitors. It’s impacting the people in them. But also the family members that aren’t able to see them. Reach out and make sure you’re having online conversations with those you love. This is the moment where we all need compassion and kindness towards others. So that they know they’re not alone during this process. The world is changing so rapidly in so many ways. Love and connection is the driving force that’s so vital. Always remember that you’re a rock star, and you exist for a great purpose.

How To Connect With Nina Hermann



How To Connect With Dianne A. Allen

You have a vision inside to create something bigger than you. What you need are a community and a mentor. The 6-month Visionary Leader Program will move you forward. You will grow, transform and connect.

Be sure to take a second and subscribe to the show and share it with anyone you think will benefit. Until next time, remember the world needs your special gift, so let your light shine!

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