Summer is for Growing

Episode 249: Summer Is For Growing

Summer is such an important season —it’s the time for growing the seeds we planted in the spring. For a farmer or a home gardener taking care of the crops, nurturing is necessary until it’s time to reap the harvest in the fall. 


This idea of the seasons also relates to how we tend the garden inside us. Our thoughts, our actions, and how they align have everything to do with the success of our growing season so that our fall is a time where we are reaping the rewards of what we intentionally planted. 


 Ask yourself: which seeds am I watering and paying attention to? Which ones need to be fertilized? What needs to have enough shade or direct sunlight? Are there weeds present, choking the potential of the things I desire? What am I growing intentionally and unintentionally?   


It’s time to G R O W! Watch this episode in full at


Key point covered in this episode: 


✔️GRACE. Allow yourself to find your flow and go through the delight of the experience. Like the elegant simplicity of nature, it must be enjoyed in its magnificence. Remember, some seeds take longer to germinate than others, so it’s about allowing ourselves to be in the flow with whatever we’ve planted. Waiting can be an exciting thing. 


✔️REVERENCE. Have a deep respect for all humans, yourself, and everyone else. If you secretly don’t respect yourself and have a lot of self-doubts, that inner chatter inside your head might come out sideways in any other season.  


✔️OVERLOOK those things that don’t serve you anymore. Please do not get all caught up in the weeds, so to speak, and understand that maybe when you weren’t so discerning and might have planted weed seeds you didn’t realize were there — exclude those things that don’t work for you anymore.


✔️Be WILLING and ready to take the necessary actions. Prune back what is overgrowing, and pull out those weeds. Go deep into your connection with what you’re growing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


I hope that these steps have inspired you to take a step back and look at what you’re producing and what you intend to harvest in the fall. And if not, what new seeds can you plant right now? It’s not too late to sow seeds of self-love, radical self-compassion, kindness, and generosity. It’s not too late. Allow the elegance and the reverence of the world we live in and of your inner being to come together and create something even more beautiful and magical than you can see at this moment. 



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