Changing Limiting Beliefs

Episode 233: Changing Limiting Beliefs   Our beliefs reflect our attitude towards the world. A majority of beliefs we acquire before we’re two years old — we learn them before we even speak. There should have been no limits, but … Read More

How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome has damaging effects on those who are often high achievers. Women and people of color can be even more adversely affected by the depression and self-doubt that can come with impostor syndrome. Estimates say that up to 90% … Read More

5 Freedom Mechanisms

Freedom is a powerful word and carries so many meanings to different people. There is freedom of choice, religion, speech and the like. Inner freedom is related to peace and joy and is a focus for many people. Some look … Read More

The Environment Created by Distinguished Leaders

Distinguished Leaders are innovative. They open the door for experimentation, research and the breaking of outdated stereotypes. It requires an open mind that is keen to new ideas, the unknown and resistance within growth processes.  The environment created by Distinguished … Read More

How Authenticity Helps Know, Like and Trust Factor

Authenticity is the cornerstone of your “know, like and trust factor”. This is why video marketing is becoming so important. Years ago there would be a person to person meeting and the shaking of hands meant “you have a deal?” … Read More