Spiritual Principles in Leadership

Episode 231: Spiritual Principles in Leadership Anyone can be a leader living by spiritual principles; it doesn’t matter whether you are at ages 4, 34 or 84. What matters is that we live by principles that are of higher understanding. … Read More

How a Distinguished Leader Leads

“In order to carry action we must develop here a positive vision.”    The Dalai Lama Every day, leaders of all kinds are attempting to lead teams of people. Some leaders are more effective than other leaders. Some leaders distinguish themselves … Read More

How Prejudice Divides and Conquers

Prejudice is a poison that divides and conquers the people that are engaged in this fear based, antagonistic way of living. I experienced the push back from prejudiced co-workers when I suggested open dialogue about challenges. Prejudice is really all … Read More

Leading from Higher Standards

We are living in increasingly uncertain times. Many businesses are changing and shifting in order to stay afloat and profitable. Keeping the doors open for business seems to be the push behind many re-invented business and many new businesses. It … Read More

Lessons from David Bowie

When I heard about David Bowie passing away, my heart stopped and my stomach had a sinking feeling. Though I have not known him personally, my life has been greatly impacted by his presence. David’s character, talent and amazing longevity … Read More

Good Leaders Embody Hope

A Distinguished Leader brings Hope as a dynamic aspect of their leadership arsenal. Hope is a powerful, universal inner experience that is at the heart of all visions, missions and goals of a leader. Hope for the future, Hope for … Read More