Summer is for Growing

Episode 249: Summer Is For Growing Summer is such an important season —it’s the time for growing the seeds we planted in the spring. For a farmer or a home gardener taking care of the crops, nurturing is necessary until … Read More

Be The Person Who Breaks The Cycle

Longing to break the cycle of generational pain and start your healing journey? Here’s how…     My first mentor used to say all the time that “healing work is not for wimps.” Having done a lot of processing and … Read More

Connecting with Your Authentic Nature

Episode 215: Connecting with Your Authentic Nature With Eric Windhorst Gifted adults who possess greater sensitivity, awareness and potential are predisposed to dealing with an emotional crisis. When they go through trauma or disruption in their lives — they tend … Read More

Rich Daniels Advice on Precision and Vision

“The more we keep discovering, the more it keeps us alive and vibrant.”  — Dianne A. Allen    You cannot see, taste, or touch music. But you can hear it, and you can most certainly feel it. Music can help … Read More