Summer is for Growing

Episode 249: Summer Is For Growing Summer is such an important season —it’s the time for growing the seeds we planted in the spring. For a farmer or a home gardener taking care of the crops, nurturing is necessary until … Read More

The Loneliness Cure

The Loneliness Cure   Loneliness plagues the gifted and twice-exceptional — the people who don’t live in the boxes of life, which is most of us, right? This often results in becoming addicted to alcohol, drugs, food and all kinds … Read More

Sensitivity and Intuition in the Gifted

Episode 201: Sensitivity and Intuition in the Gifted with Amy Estersohn   Join us for another value-packed episode of Someone Gets Me! Dianne A Allen shares an insightful discussion with exceptional and gifted educator Amy Estersohn.    What is it … Read More

Intuitive Healing with Dr. Debbie Roche

In this episode, I interview Dr. Debbie Roche a brain-based chiropractor and intuitive healer. We talk about functional medicine, metaphysics, personal wellness and Dr. Debbie’s story of her exceptional ability and healing practice.