Bring Your Dreams into Reality with Raven Harris

Episode 202: Bring Your Dreams into Reality with Raven Harris The phrase “You Only Live Once” or YOLOing has been alluded to making impulse-triggered decisions and risky actions, especially in younger people. After living through the devastation of 2020, this … Read More

How to Find Talent and A-Listers with Cord Coslor

How to Find Talent and A-Listers with Cord Coslor More often than not, people don’t see their natural talent and strengths – either because they lack belief they have any or undermine their capacity.   In this new Someone Gets Me … Read More

How to be Lighthearted

“Lightheartedness is the antidote for the fear, the pain, and the suffering that we see worldwide.”  — Dianne A. Allen    Lightheartedness is not for the faint-hearted. Being lighthearted in a world full of turmoil, difficulty, strife, and fear, it … Read More

How to Break the Approval Seeking Habit

Approval seeking is one of the most insidious and debilitating blocks experienced by bright and gifted people. When you over-identify with any one aspect of character, you leave yourself open and vulnerable to becoming unbalanced and limited in your available … Read More

Why Can’t I Change My Lifestyle

Nearly every day someone asks me “Why Can’t I change my lifestyle?” As I begin to listen and ask inquiring questions, the central themes begin to take shape. Often the person has several challenges that may seem unrelated. From this … Read More

Beliefs Impact Health

Our core beliefs impact our health and every aspect of our lives, consciously and unconsciously. Henry Ford was right when he said, “If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t …you’re right.” At a recent lecture, the … Read More