Energetic Alchemy

Energetic Alchemy ✨ Our vibrational energy constantly evolves or devolves, rising in vibration or going lower, but it can never be killed. It just transmutes and changes. This truth should be the lens through which we view our experience in … Read More

Sheriff Grady Judd Speaks On Visionary Leadership

Sheriff Grady Judd Speaks On Visionary Leadership   Recognized as a leader in the law enforcement profession, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd lives by the importance of first valuing the people he serves that makes every community a thriving place … Read More

Spiritual Principles in Leadership

Episode 231: Spiritual Principles in Leadership Anyone can be a leader living by spiritual principles; it doesn’t matter whether you are at ages 4, 34 or 84. What matters is that we live by principles that are of higher understanding. … Read More

How To Go From Grumpy To Grateful with Kim Angeli

  “Gratitude is a habit. Being grateful is a habit.”  — Kim Angeli Gratitude mindset is something that doesn’t happen overnight. You don’t plant something today and harvest it tomorrow. You need to nurture them, water them, and let them … Read More

The Environment Created by Distinguished Leaders

Distinguished Leaders are innovative. They open the door for experimentation, research and the breaking of outdated stereotypes. It requires an open mind that is keen to new ideas, the unknown and resistance within growth processes.  The environment created by Distinguished … Read More

How a Distinguished Leader Leads

“In order to carry action we must develop here a positive vision.”    The Dalai Lama Every day, leaders of all kinds are attempting to lead teams of people. Some leaders are more effective than other leaders. Some leaders distinguish themselves … Read More