The Loneliness Cure

The Loneliness Cure   Loneliness plagues the gifted and twice-exceptional — the people who don’t live in the boxes of life, which is most of us, right? This often results in becoming addicted to alcohol, drugs, food and all kinds … Read More

Service Leadership with Shireen Janti

Episode 209: Service Leadership with Shireen Janti A true servant leader stands up for those who may not have a strong enough voice to stand up for themselves. In an inspiring episode with Shireen Janti, Sr. Director of MusiCares and … Read More

6 Quick Ways to Reset Your Brain

EP 207: 6 Quick Ways to Reset Your Brain Do you get cattywampus and disharmonized during the day, decision fatigue, or experience the brain doesn’t seem to work the way you want it to?   In this episode, glean six … Read More

How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome has damaging effects on those who are often high achievers. Women and people of color can be even more adversely affected by the depression and self-doubt that can come with impostor syndrome. Estimates say that up to 90% … Read More

Ian Petrella on Hope & Moving Forward in Life

Ian Patrella on Hope & Moving Forward in Life “We’re naturally meant to be connected, so we’re starting to get tired of being disconnected.”  — Dianne A. Allen   This week on the Someone Gets Me Podcast, I interviewed Ian … Read More

How to be Lighthearted

“Lightheartedness is the antidote for the fear, the pain, and the suffering that we see worldwide.”  — Dianne A. Allen    Lightheartedness is not for the faint-hearted. Being lighthearted in a world full of turmoil, difficulty, strife, and fear, it … Read More