Women in Technology with Sarah Freeman

Episode 228: Women in Technology with Sarah Freeman   Today, we see more women play the roles that men once highly dominated, particularly in the technology space. Our community is becoming more accepting and naturally moving in that direction. However, … Read More

Neurodiversity in Everyday Life

Episode 220: Neurodiversity in Everyday Life with Brent Sopel Host: Dianne A. Allen Unaware of clinically having Dyslexia, former professional hockey player Brent Sopel discovered his disability at age 32. In this inspiring episode, Brent shares what the real struggles … Read More

Are You Gifted and Don’t Know It?

“Gifted people love to have a sense of perfectionism in their environment.”  — Dianne A. Allen (02:49-02:53) Gifted people have untypical brain development, which is why they sometimes see the world acutely and feel big emotions. It’s time that we … Read More

Be A Part of Something Bigger with Marc Smolowitz

Marc Smolowitz on Someone Gets Me podcast

  Welcome to the Someone Gets Me podcast, where you will hear stories of inspiration and hope realized. Hosted by Dianne Allen, Intuitive Empowerment Mentor. In these sessions, you will hear personal stories and professional insights along with tips on … Read More