Energetic Alchemy

Energetic Alchemy ✨ Our vibrational energy constantly evolves or devolves, rising in vibration or going lower, but it can never be killed. It just transmutes and changes. This truth should be the lens through which we view our experience in … Read More

Figment of my Imagination

Episode 223: Figment of my Imagination with Dianne A. Allen   It was back in the 80s when we went to see Figment. I was really depressed, but nobody knew it for a gifted and twice-exceptional child. I was very … Read More

Sensitivity and Intuition in the Gifted

Episode 201: Sensitivity and Intuition in the Gifted with Amy Estersohn   Join us for another value-packed episode of Someone Gets Me! Dianne A Allen shares an insightful discussion with exceptional and gifted educator Amy Estersohn.    What is it … Read More

Gifted Overexcitabilities with John Hall

“There’s so much to be said about the power of music, storytelling, and connecting.”  — Dianne A. Allen (24:02-24:09) Are you wondering what it’s like to grow up in an environment with different influences? In this episode, we’re going to … Read More

Are You Gifted and Don’t Know It?

“Gifted people love to have a sense of perfectionism in their environment.”  — Dianne A. Allen (02:49-02:53) Gifted people have untypical brain development, which is why they sometimes see the world acutely and feel big emotions. It’s time that we … Read More