What Happens When You Accept Being A Gifted Adult

Episode 218: What Happens When You Accept Being A Gifted Adult with Victoria-Rose Supper Victoria-Rose Supper wears many hats as a social media strategist, publicist, and musician and fully enjoys taking on more interests when she decides to accept her … Read More

Creating A Lasting Personal Legacy 

Episode 195: Creating A Lasting Personal Legacy   Are you thinking seven generations from now? Are you thinking in the long term, which isn’t just the five years and ten years from now? Whether you believe it or not, spiritually … Read More

Life to the Fullest with Jeremy Fraj

  Welcome friends to the Someone Gets Me podcast. I am your host Dianne Allen and I am delighted you are here. This podcast was created because I believe there is a visionary leader inside each one of us who is waiting … Read More

Human Design: How to Use It with Sandy Freschi

The Power of Transcending and Including Old Ways

  The Someone Gets Me podcast is a place for talented and sensitive people who are searching to be understood in life and business. In this episode, I interview Sandy Freschi who is a Level 4 Certified Human Design Specialist. … Read More

How Prejudice Divides and Conquers

Prejudice is a poison that divides and conquers the people that are engaged in this fear based, antagonistic way of living. I experienced the push back from prejudiced co-workers when I suggested open dialogue about challenges. Prejudice is really all … Read More