Overthinking – What causes it and how to overcome

Episode 203: Overthinking – What causes it and how to overcome by Dianne A. Allen   There are so many dangers to overthinking, and sometimes people think it’s just part of the stress in the world. Overthinking becomes a compulsion … Read More

Rich Daniels Advice on Precision and Vision

“The more we keep discovering, the more it keeps us alive and vibrant.”  — Dianne A. Allen    You cannot see, taste, or touch music. But you can hear it, and you can most certainly feel it. Music can help … Read More

What’s Enrichment? 6 Stress Busting Tips

Enrichment is a term I hear my animal keeper friends use all the time. They are talking about adding things of interest and play for the animals they are caring for at the time. I have listened to their conversations … Read More

Natural Beauty

It is spring time and all around we see and experience life and a vibrancy that is so precious at this time of year. This is a time to be grateful for our blessings of natural beauty all around. Recently, … Read More